Evansville Trip #1: What Could Go Wrong?

All I had to do Friday was head down to the Greyhound station and get on the bus. You think “What could go wrong?” For a while it was what didn’t do right. My bus was scheduled to leave at 10:20PM. At 10:10PM it vanished from what was going to depart. I wasn’t the only one wondering WTF, turn out the Driver didn’t show. Then as they told us this bus that will leave at 11:40PM will take me to Louisville, where I had to catch this connection. Didn’t know anything, they were apart of the regular route between Chicago to Indianapolis. Which is where I was dumped at 4:43AM with zero idea what was going to happen. Lucky there turned out to be a bus between Indianapolis and Evansville. Once I was able to talk to the Ticket Agent at 6AM it was set.

The rest was simple the driver took my ticket, I got on board and some 6 hours later Evansville.

El Patron Mexican Food; excellent food

GD Ritzy’s: OMG the flavors of ice cream

I crashed at 8PM I was so tried, more tomorrow