Furry Legends of Paradise Las Vegas Latest Convention

Here we are getting ready for a new fur con in Las Vegas and a 2nd one suddenly appears.


I’m a CEO & inventor who studied at Harvard but I prefer living as a furry cheetah named Spotti – even at work

The Sun a UK based Media Outlet posted this story about David Benaron AKA Spottacus Cheetah

You can find the full article along with photos here

It seems they prefur a fursuit

“People treat me differently if I put on a cute, or even realistic animal, in San Francisco, people come up and just talk to me. Random people don’t walk up to a middle aged male and start talking.”

His reasons are the same I have heard from countless fusuiters. Stress, a chance to have fun, etc, etc

Although like most people he often prefers to keep his romantic life private to his work life, he said he loves sharing his adventures in costume, such as weekends at festivals.

“I find my creative life and my work life are intertwined. I come back from Burning Man, I show a picture of me hanging meters off the ground in a dome wearing a tiger suit in a windstorm.

The article is well worth checking out