Midwest FurFest 2022: The Biggest Con is Broken, Let’s Talk About It (and why I’m no longer going)

Editor’s Note

Acts: About selection of acts your guess is as good as mine how they choose

Favoritism: Totally agree

While we eagerly await any announcement of MFF 2023. Maybe it’s time for MFF to be more open about Talent. Such as DJs and singers. Why is it you pick the same people over and over again? Why accept applications, when you know the same people will be there again. Also why isn’t anyone selling Furry Music? The last one who did this and frankly opened my eyes to the amazing talent that lays out there Cassidy Civet and that was 2 years ago. Maybe it’s time you open up the process and allow us furries to vote for who we want to see.

On a side note I know some fantastic DJs that would have made the raves outstanding who where turned down.