Fur Times (Taiwan)

Very seldom on my side of the planet you rarely hear about other furry news sites. At least that has been my experience. I decided some time ago to promote them, when found by me whenever possible.

The latest is Fur Times, a Taiwan based furry news site. What might make this site interesting for some as it covers furry events we just don’t hear about. Furries and fursuiters in general most in the US don’t believe there is any. But yet cons some even persecuted by their own govts. Which is the current reason I am not covering furry events in Russia. In that country even owning a fursuit could land you in jail.

So when they have a voice I give it to them


Fur Meet @ Galloping Ghost Arcade May 20

For More Info https://www.facebook.com/events/774146161081920/?ref=newsfeed