Anthro Irish Fur Con

Anthro Irish is a real fur con to take place in Ireland.

It will take place Aug 5 & 6 at the Clayton Hotel Cork City Lapp’s Quay T12 RD6E Cork Ireland

Tickets are cheap From €27.79 so if you live in the area you can afford to go. Lets make it a success.

Tickets here

The Good Furry Award 2023 Winners

The Good Furry Awards are presented by Ask Papa Bear


Kite’s Windswept Wanderings: For diligent and pawsome recording of furcons and events and being an amazing content creator, promoting a positive image of the furry fandom for all to see.


Reed Waller: For his work founding the first furry APA (Vootie) and for creating one of the first and most influential furry comicbook series, ​Omaha the Cat Dancer

More details can be found here