MFF 2014 What a Fur Con!!!

As the Police continue to investigate, and I will report once any official announcement is made. My job right now is to tell you of my thoughts and feelings. After I felt I kinda blew it last year being so nervous, I wanted to go in to MFF with a brave face…and a bit of a nervous stomach, to tell you the truth. I really was jittery as the days grew closer, and even more nervous when rumors sprang up about a crooked artist by the name of Darius Koopa was there. Thankfully that turned out not to be true, I was afraid that my friend whom I met down there was gonna get himself kicked out. As I previously mentioned, it seems if you have any problems you call upon the staff, and not take things in your own paws. While I was afraid I was going to have an attack of nerves once again.

Everything turned out and was so great, wait to you see the new fursona I had made. I paid $50 for it and it’s great. It will make it’s debut here this Saturday.

To be honest the only real problems I had was an iffy cellphone signal issue, and the reason that was an issue was because I had planned on meeting someone else down there as well. The other problem was the schedule. As is figuring what I could see, without missing the want I wanted to see the most.

Now for something I really can report and it’s Official. Duke the Dancing Dog, who currently holds the record for the most viewed furry video on You Tube at over 248,000 views with his video ‘Good Time’. Is making a brand new music video, which was shot on the last day of MFF. I for one can’t wait to see it, and you have my promise once Duke posts that video you will see it here.

Tomorrow is what made me the proudest to be a furry.