MFF 2014: Final Thoughts

MFF 2014 was the best fur con I ever been too and I am not the only one saying it. There was something about this years con that made it special to all of Us.

There really isn’t that much for me to add. Except that this year since I live in Chicago and took public transport to get there. I took a backpack with me to both take home what I bought and store my coat. It worked fine.

I also noticed some of the dealers didn’t have change. Especially the smaller ones, I would suggest you bring plenty of singles for small purchases like the few stickers I bought.

I did find out why Furvilla was there, as you know Furvilla is a game that is coming up in the Spring of 2015 that you can play on your browser. They was just stilling art from the game.

I guess the only thing I have left to say is enjoy the videos, I will be posting videos from MFF now until the end of the year.