Genus issue 05 Review


Genus magazine issue 05

One on One by Fred Perry

An interesting take on who will be the champion plot. Since the final 2 in this contest is a man and a woman it turns into an act of sex. May the best person win, I thought it interesting and just enough different to make me want to read it to the bitter end.

The Gift by Brian Sutton

A Lady of Noble birth and her servant wonders around this city which could have been taken from the arabian nights. The Lady then takes her servant to a brothel. Reason being that the servant’s sister is a slut. The servant then soon discovers what life in a brothel is really like. In what I discovered was a multi part story this mysterious…but topless woman shows up in the last panel.

An Unlikely Champion by Kjartan Arnorsson

It seems this is a continuation of The Mink story from previous issues. Where in ‘The Mink’, meets up with a woman who can raise zombies from their graves…and of how they simply a ruined a party she had planned.

The client better known as Savage Squirrel then goes on the attack. First the zombies then her, finally we learn this too is a multi part story.

Overall a really enjoyable issue.

You can both view and download it here

To All in Gatlinburg, and to those who did not survive


Is that An Alien or a Anthro?

I was at the Field Museum here in Chicago a while back when I saw these 2 guys cleaning a fossil. So I started a conversation them and it turned into some I like to share. Evolution fascinates me, especially human. It’s really hard to grasp that there might of been some 20 human species in the last 2 million years. But then I brought up, what would happen if apes never existed. There are some who say nothing, this planet would be a wildlife haven. But not those 2, they said given what they know, any predator given the right circumstances could evolve into a living anthro. To quote what they said, “Anything is possible”, even in this galaxy. Yes when we go exploring different worlds, we might actually find entire planets filled with anthros.