Circles volume 1 review


Circles volume 1 It Seems Like I’ve Been Here Before – Collects Issues 1, 2, 3, and 4 by Andrew French, Scott Fabianek, Steve Domanski. As well as issue 0 which was given away free at the time with a catalog of other furry publications.

Circles comic, which had a total of 13 issues published between 2001 and 2015. Is a straightforward look at life from the view of 4 gay men who share a home at 6 Kensey Circle. Their life, their loves, basically them finding out who they are. In the beginning one of them Paulie has to deal with the fact he is HIV+. When a skunk named Marty moves in and later on he has to admits to his family he is gay, being Jewish only complicates things. So a lot those times are included, like when one of it’s creators lost a good friend to an auto accident, that was when Paulie was killed off the same way. Meanwhile one of the characters blames himself for the accident, as it was him who got Paulie go out that night when it happened.

The Halloween party later only shows what a straight guy like me only hears about from his gay friends. How some gays treat others, sometimes it’s not very nice. Circles looks it, honestly and gives the reader, gay or straight to see how the characters deal with such matters. The last comic included really touches my heart. Dealing with loss, family, lack of kids at your feet and the holidays.

Circles is well worth a read, and you don’t have to be gay to read it. In fact I think straight people need to read this even more, and see what their gay friends go through, which isn’t always easy.

I found the extras included in the book a pure delight. Side stories I never even knew about, behind the scenes, you name it, it’s there. The book is for a true fan, because you get a deeper insight to these characters lives, than a simple download will never show you.

a solid 10 out of 10

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