The way I look at it

Trump is hiring people he once bashed for being just as crooked as Clinton. At least 4 of them he named as crooks are now nominated for seats on his staff. There is one post I saw which states the GOP had banned the 1st amendment in both the house and senate. Which is impossible since everyone is on a holiday break. Then there is the YouTube video about political embarrassments. Trump supporters are bashing those who posted the video as being Anti Trump, HOW?!!! He is not even mentioned once in the video. Except for the comments where people are naming the mistakes he had already made. Meanwhile there is at least 15 lawsuits that are in the works, including a federal investigation that could lead to Trump being Impeached. I am not joking Google it.

Trump as president certainly will be interesting. As interesting as Nixon’s was.

Bestiary issue 02 Review and Download


Meeki and G.I.G.O.I. by Rune

It’s a 2 page comic proving this vixen is smarter than any human. I really like it.

Fox Force in Disappearing Trick by Juan Alfonso

Is part 1 of a multi part adventure of how “Furries” are disappearing and the investigation to find them. Looks interesting hope I can find the next part of this adventure.

The of the art included in this issue is suitable for work, and are worth taking a look. There are some few really excellent pieces. Only 1 or 2 that is really borderline NSFW

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