Centaurs Gatherum issue 25 Review and Download


I gotta say this is the most unique publication I ever ran across. I swear I have seen more centaur art in that 1 publication than I have ever seen on any one site. All done by 32 artists, yes I am not joking 32 different artists. It’s hard to pick out one stand out as they are so different from one another. For this alone it’s worth checking out.

But in addition you get

The Official Unofficial CG Survey

I hope one day to find the results

and 2 stories the first being

The Cold from Beyond by Rodford E. Smith

Which is a murder mystery with features magical transforming creatures. It begins when the chief detective on the case is almost murdered by someone just was magical as the detective.
Then when 2 police officers are killed and a false target named Marian is almost killed the detective helps her with their fighting skill.

Later an assembly of these magical creatures called “The Gifted” they talk about events of the previous night, which brings the total of killed up to 38.

After using spear guns provided by The Gifted, they think they have finally killed the murderer. But it turns out they were wrong and the true murderer turns out to be a Vampire.

Now the entire city panics as everyone is on the hunt.

When Marian tracks it down to a construction site, a lucky acident seemly takes out the vampire…but has only stunned it then goes chasing after her. She was only able to make her escape using welding equipement as a weapon.

It seems that did the trick the vampire was killed. But those events left Marian stuck in centaur form at least temporary.

Excellent story

Fire Fish by David J. Rust

Joshuwain, a centaur and nomad he went to see a sweating hot city in the desert. There he met Phantos and Carman and once they take a room they have a chance to talk about their lives. Eventually they go to the Watchful Lion Inn. This is where they meet 2 reptilians who offer them a meal of fire fish.

Which despite being highly spiced turns into an eating between Carman and Joshuwain.

Later the reptilians offer them a job, possibly at a warehouse.

The end.

It gives you a good look into a world we will never know, but it really never goes anywhere.

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