Update on New Domain

Even though I am about a month away from giving this blog of mine it’s own domain. It was the encouragement of another site holder and Twitter buddy Shutterwolf that got me to double check what was available. It seems furrytimes dot com was already taken, and my choices were getting smaller and smaller as I continued to check. Then I remembered Google, another furry and recent interviewee Grrrwolf suggested them for a name.

I am proud to announce I am the owner of Furrytimes dot net

As stated the change over won’t be until next month, and I promise you should be able to link over automatically.

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Genus 9 Review and Download

The Fuzz by Brad Lesher

It begins with these 2 detectives go into this bar. Completely played for laughs pokes fun at every animal stereotype that is out there and throws Donald Duck in to the mix. The detectives are looking for someone to arrest, even if they have to make up something. Very funny

Mink: Choices by Kjartan Armorosson

Mink and her partner Savage Squerril goes flying, after a short run in with the cops. We meet Savage’s other girlfriend. Who then has to decide whom he wants, and it comes down to who got the biggest tits.

Fun story, a furry/superhero twist on releationships

Closing Time at the Topless Bar by Will Faust

Answers the age old question “Do tits bounce?”

Short but quite fun

Amy and the New Shoes by Brian Sutton and Jeremy Bernal

Amy a female fox walks naked more or less down the lane thinking about new shoes. Which are sadly taken away by her master.

Good artwork, but the story makes little sense

Ozzy the Ocelot by Ted Sheppard

Ozzy has been sleeping with his girlfriend then decides to get something to eat. Only to find a Tony the Tiger wanna be in the kitchen, praising a certain kind of cereal. Which Ozzy eats, and when he returns he finds this wanna be screwing his girlfriend.

Given all the Tony the Tiger porn that is out there, it’s good to know that people were thinking about the same thing years ago. Very well done.
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