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Whatsapp spam

Don’t get me wrong Whatsapp users I have nothing against you or whatsapp. Except in the way they promote their app. I am literally getting whatsapp spam, and surprising or not it’s not a phony link. It does say download it from the app store, and it’s the right icon they use.

But yet it constantly saying I have messages and I have NEVER had an account with them. At this rate never will, that is the thing about spamming me, I turn off whatever they are trying to sell me.

Furry Music Videos

Furry Music Videos has turned into a subject either no one will talk about, or just completely ignore which is totally beyond me. In fact I have tried to get the conversation going on a forum or 2 or on a group on social media and have gotten zero replies.

Why do I feel this way when they are just videos after all. Then what if I told you there are at least a dozen Furry Music Videos that have gotten over 1 million views, and another 30 that have topped over 500,000 views. You can see why I am so puzzled.

Some of them are amazing, I have found at least 10 that are far better than the official music video you would find on YouTube. No joke these ultra low budget projects, are better than the money spent by music labels. There is no better example of this that Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. The video which features puppets in death matches, doesn’t even come close to what EZ Wolf did with a single camera and 1 fursuiter.

Maybe it’s something I will never understand.

No Treat, No Kiss


It’s the Cops!!