Review and Download of Genus 15

Treasure Hunt by Brian Sutton and Friends

A really nice tale of what happens when a female slave, finds some gold coins and her master claims that the coins are their’s nice touch of revenge as the slaves run away and the master wallows in a deep pit during a storm

Collars and Cuff: Hose Job by Lane and Clark

What happens when 2 off duty female cops hardly wearing anything decide to do a car wash. Good ‘clean’ fun

A Dark and Bouncy Christmas by Kidd and Faust

This is a fun version of the Nutcraker, think anthro and naked with a cat and a mouse who is into S&M. 10/10

Don’t Knock It by Kurk and Lute Wilcken

This couple try a little bondage as they have sex. When the woman falls asleep the tables are turned. But it is a fun sexy piece.

You can find Genus 15 here and in Downloads

Dare to Compare: Can’t Stop This Feeling

CAN’T STOP THE FEELING! (From DreamWorks Animation’s “Trolls”) (Official Video)

Although there is nothing wrong with the video, it’s random shots of people and Justin Timberlake dancing.


Can’t stop the feeling “dutch angel dragons”

You can’t go wrong with Dutch angel dragons.

Dogs and Loyalty