Review and Download of Genus 15

Treasure Hunt by Brian Sutton and Friends

A really nice tale of what happens when a female slave, finds some gold coins and her master claims that the coins are their’s nice touch of revenge as the slaves run away and the master wallows in a deep pit during a storm

Collars and Cuff: Hose Job by Lane and Clark

What happens when 2 off duty female cops hardly wearing anything decide to do a car wash. Good ‘clean’ fun

A Dark and Bouncy Christmas by Kidd and Faust

This is a fun version of the Nutcraker, think anthro and naked with a cat and a mouse who is into S&M. 10/10

Don’t Knock It by Kurk and Lute Wilcken

This couple try a little bondage as they have sex. When the woman falls asleep the tables are turned. But it is a fun sexy piece.

You can find Genus 15 here and in Downloads