The Plex Interview — Deo the Tasmanian Devil on Nazi Furries

If you have been following the mess formerly known as RMFC, you would of heard how Deo the Tasmanian Devil had gotten a C&D from the former RMFC board member and well known sex offender. In my opinion echoplexmedia has gotten the scoop of the year by getting an interview with Deo themselves who literally sets the record straight. Without rambling on check out the article here

Genus issue 27 Review and Download

Desert Storms Part 1 by Michael Hirtes & Dean Lee Norton

A young woman wants to be apart of a sheik’s harmen, and winds up having lesbian sex. Okay fantasy piece I guess

Personal Ad by Chris Whalen

A Man wanting to place a personal ad, not even remotely any good

The Night Before Christmas by James Hardiman

2 words come to mine while reading this piece which is loosely based upon the old rhymin…Utterly Delightful. It tell of how the 3 skunk sisters run into 3 hunky male reindeer on Christmas Eve. 2 on 3 sex starts as one of the reindeer hunts for gas. Really excellent.

Crossed Wires Part 1 by Paul Kidd & Kurt Wilcken

A cross in the phone line as this one woman hears about gay love. Really this one left me confused.
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For Those Who Think All Those Iron Men Were Destroyed