Genus issue 27 Review and Download

Desert Storms Part 1 by Michael Hirtes & Dean Lee Norton

A young woman wants to be apart of a sheik’s harmen, and winds up having lesbian sex. Okay fantasy piece I guess

Personal Ad by Chris Whalen

A Man wanting to place a personal ad, not even remotely any good

The Night Before Christmas by James Hardiman

2 words come to mine while reading this piece which is loosely based upon the old rhymin…Utterly Delightful. It tell of how the 3 skunk sisters run into 3 hunky male reindeer on Christmas Eve. 2 on 3 sex starts as one of the reindeer hunts for gas. Really excellent.

Crossed Wires Part 1 by Paul Kidd & Kurt Wilcken

A cross in the phone line as this one woman hears about gay love. Really this one left me confused.
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