Keeping Clear Thoughts – FURRY DRAMA RAMPANT

This RMFC nonsense is making what use to be good sites down to the National Enquirer level. I admit I use to admire and sometimes borrow off pieces from other so-called furry news sites when I thought the piece was fair, and I did link to the original material. I mean original post not crediting a link to a link. Mine you this is despite being called “View Concuss” by some of them. Who never told me, despite me asking them countless times what numbers are YOU getting? The only reason I mention this, is the mess that is going on in the furry fandom and that is RMFC, 2 The Ranting Gryphon and let’s not forget the Furry Raiders…supposed killers of RMFC.

Normally all of these are important but they have been brought to a point beyond what even I could not imagine. Enough so it is turning what are good sites down to the level of tabloid journalism. Hey I got an excuse for the mistakes I make, and that is I am only 1 man. But these sites have actual staff who can check things out. I fully believe all of these sites and anything that has been said…is made up as they go on. I personally believe they are doing this so they can get the views. I actually invite anyone check out this site and see what I have been posting. Oh sure I made some mistakes but at least I am big enough to apologize for them, and not compound them. And at least I did ask, was anyone really there, and what really happened. Not like any of those sites. I have also not made post after post essentially saying the same thing over and over.

I have no respect for any of them.

Editor’s Note: The reason I don’t mention any of those sites by name, are because some have threatened legal action against me for ruining their reputation. Which to me is a laugh, considering their sites have been taken over by those who only want to make a name for themselves and nothing more. Without naming names just ask yourself 1 question, “Had you heard of any of these players before all of this started?” My guess the answer would be no and therefore you already answered my question.

Being Independent and Being HONEST

Even though I do run Furry Times, and my opinion could be called slanted. I have lost all respect for Dogpatch Press. It has always been my policy to give everyone and I do mean everyone the benefit of the doubt. But lately dogpatch seems to be getting off of the realm of genuine news and getting in the realm of fake news and making a big deal out of something there isn’t. Really on dogpatch and all they are saying about RMFC. I have to ask “Was any of their so called witnesses actually there?” I have 2 furry friends who were actually there, I have seen their badges from that con so there is no doubt in my mind. I just want to scream “WTF is wrong for you?!!!” Have they gone into the realm of screaming out utter nonsense just so their site can get more views. Like a few who have said that about me, including ironically Patch O’Fur who runs the site.

You have to have integrity when you run any sort of news site. Okay I admit your emotions can run away with you sometimes, that is when you apologize to your readers, give a corrected version and move on, and not just keep shouting out the same utter nonsense.