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To prevent from being added to groups without your knowledge

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Dale Earnhardt jr sites one of the reasons for his announced retirement was a the concussion he received several months ago. Having suffered one myself I know what he is going through, memory issues, emotions all over the place, and sometimes you wonder about your own judgement. But the one thing I have taken away from all of this I think life is more precious than ever.

Sorin, Chair of RMFC Interview on Dogpatch Press

When I saw that Sorin had been interviewed for Dogpatch Press for a moment I wondered if this was going to be a huge coverup. I seen such events taken place more times than I care to mention. But not really this time, although you could argue some points. Sorin for the most part agrees it was more than just the 3 stated issues in their press release that caused the demise of RMFC. Highlighting increased costs, and still trying to be a non profit. To me that is understandable, but not this Furry Raiders and this violence issue. That part I admit I don’t quite understand, on the one hand he is stating it is overly done, and with the other he says their was real threats. I have to leave that for you to ultimately decide. It seems this has caused a buzz on social media, some even saying Sorin is Antifa. Really I hadn’t made my mind on that yet. I wonder will this bring as much as an opinion as the official press release…only time will tell.

Sorin’s interview