Shameless Fear Mongering and Yellow Journalism by Perri Prinz

I see now that I should have added something to my article for Furry Times about the continuing shameless fear mongering and yellow journalism of Dogpatch Press.

I hate to come down on them because Fred Patten is there. And I have nothing but respect for Fred. But when you look at the Dogpatch Twitter and you see how frequently the posts alternate between Patch Packrat and Deo Taz Devil, the source of the extreme bias flooding their articles becomes pretty obvious.

Currently they’re on their 4th article in a row with an extreme bent towards demonizing The Furry Raiders, 2 Gryphon, the staff of RMFC and anyone else they think they can whip up some hate against. The third article was strictly about rumors, and this latest article isn’t about anything except reinforcing myths and reminding people who they’re supposed to hate.

Seriously, if this keeps up, Dogpatch Press is going to devolve into the new Crush, Yiff, Destroy. And with people going out of their way to make the fandom look as bad as they do operating from within the fandom, we won’t even have to worry about how badly the mainstream press is going to fry us.

Sadly, I’ve no idea what we could do to get Dogpatch out of the hands of The Antifa Furs, who might just as well be called the latest Burned Fur revival.

There can be no doubt that they are out to spread hate and divide the fandom. They want us at each other’s throats to the point where the networks will be making cop shows about us killing each other again.

But I don’t think anything can be accomplished by challenging them and getting into fights with them. That would just be playing into their hands. I think the only thing a conscientious fur who cares about the fandom can do is just boycott Dogpatch. And any other site that promotes fear and hate.

Furry Fandom allegorically mirrors real life to an incredible extent, even to the point where we can’t trust our main news outlets. There’s just no respect for truth and reason out there anymore. We’re just going to have to get used to the fact that any news we see is likely calculated to deceive more than it is to inform.

It’s all calculated to force us to share somebody else’s opinion of matters that probably aren’t any of our business in the first place. But what ever you do, don’t ever let them trick you into hating people, just because they tell you you should. Don’t ever hate somebody without a damned good reason. And a long page of totally unsubstantiated opinions, glued together with a spin that all but twists your head off, is not a good reason to hate people.

To All You Doubters

One comment I received last night and deleted, questioned my honesty over the RMFC debate. I then ask anyone who doubts Perri Prinz or I in this matter to go on any Social Media you have to belong to and ask. “Have you been to the last RMFC? and Was there any problems?” You will quickly get your answer.

One Good Turn

by David Kellett of