Re: The Tyranny of Pop Music by Perri Prinz

This video seems to require some commentary. Though I agree that modern Pop Music has been boiled down to its most basic components, is mostly composed and produced by the same 4 people creating a noticeably limited range, and tends to be compressed down to lo-fi, I feel like this commentator is going a bit overboard. So you are about to see an old-time Art Rocker put in the position of having to defend Pop Music.

The commentator addresses the music he disparages as “Ambient.” This is obviously incorrect. The music I hear in grocery stores is not, by any proper description, Ambient.

Growing up in the 60’s, “Elevator Music” was a popular genre that had two or three terrestrial radio stations in every city entirely dedicated to it. Those hipsters who are into the “Space Age Pop” thing will no doubt have encountered quite a bit of this almost exclusively orchestral music that consisted for the most part of de-fanged pop songs. No vocals, no modern instrumentation. Just very familiar melodies be-reffed of anything that might offend or distract.

Well, Rock fans found it offensive, because Rock music was designed to be rebellious, and they looked on anything Middle of the Road (MOR) as watering down the rebellion. But on the whole it was just ignored, as it was designed to be.

To hear this fellow talk, you would think he was talking about 1960’s MOR, rather than 21st century Pop Music. But, even if he was, even those who were offended by MOR would have thought such an extreme condemnation of it a wee bit excessive.

“Ambient Music” is what took over from MOR in the 1980’s, more often referred to as “New Age Music.” And this type of Background Music (BGM) certainly did fit the description he gives. Ambient Music, unlike MOR, was not based on recognizable melodies. It was based on being devoid of any kind of memorable or attention grabbing hooks. It was literally pure atmosphere, not meant to be seriously listened to or to register on the brain in any way. But still, though it was dismissed as music, it was generally thought well of as a healing device.

Beyond the 80’s, BGM stations abandoned the idea of special music for background and went into what was called “Lite Rock.” This was basically concentrating on the normal versions of the least offensive Pop Chart material. Thus BGM was no longer considered to be an instrumental thing. Though such stations continue to exist, this is not the format that I hear in super markets and drug stores.

Many store chains now maintain their own internet based radio stations which tend to include store commercials. And the music played on these radio stations tends to be programmed according to the stores main customer base. For example, the Save-A-Lot where I do most of my shopping programs no music designed to appeal to me as a 55 year old white person. They program music for Hispanics and 55 year old black people.

Fortunately I love old Soul and Funk Music. So this isn’t a problem for me. But I have to say, some of those extended James Brown tracks would never have qualified as BGM under any definition. And they do visibly irritate some of the white customers, because it’s an old black culture thing the younger white people have never been exposed to. So it comes off as music from another planet.

Now, Walgreen’s Drug Stores also have their own radio station. And they program some current Pop songs midst various oldies. And the new Pop songs they play only offend me if it’s a really terrible and unimaginative cover of an older song. But the other new songs are usually bouncy and provide a good feeling. Though there is nothing memorable about them, and nothing that would have made me run to the record store back in the day.

So I have to dispute what this fellow says that you hear some kind of droning, mind destroying sound everywhere you go in the world today. You are far more likely to hear oldies while shopping than the new, musically dead crap the record companies are pushing now. And oldies serve to remind the younger generation that music was not always as it is today, and open them to exploration of the classics.

Now, I can not say what people might hear in bars, or on modern Pop radio, because I don’t go there as a general rule. Second Life is the only space I get to share with the younger generations, and when I DJ they mainly want to hear oldies, because nobody there really disputes that oldies are better than newies.

However, there are some DJ’s in Second Life who specialize in newer genres whom I occasionally listen to. And some of the newer genres, particularly if they build on something retro, like Electro Swing, will actually get me punching up Amazon to buy an LP.

Where I think what this guy is saying actually applies would be various Techno genres that are so monotonous they could easily be composed and performed by computers with no human input at all. DJ’s have been fired from my virtual night club for concentrating too much on such genres.

But then he says you hear this music in every restaurant. I have never heard Techno in a restaurant. Techno, as far as I know, is mostly a club thing.

Then he talks about how music is no longer something you listen to as we did in years gone by. And I find this is true. But it’s not because I’ve changed the music I listen to. I play mostly vinyl. So the bulk of my music is between 30 and 100 years old. And it was all intended to grab the attention and be anything but ignored. Yet I continually find that I do end up tuning it out and ignoring it as if it were BGM.

This has nothing what so ever to do with the quality of the music. It has to do with my modern lifestyle. I simply am not able to divide my attention between the vinyl spinning on the turntable and whoever I’m typing to on Second Life. I am always doing something else, maybe as many as 3 things at once while the music is playing. I simply can not feel comfortable just sitting and giving my full attention to music, because I’ve been conditioned to feel like I’m being unconscionably wasteful of my time if my hands and eyes are not busy with something while the music is playing.

And, of course, while I’m composing something, like a story or this essay, no music at all can be played. Because composing is output mode. Nothing can be coming into my brain while it’s in output mode.

Then he says there is no law against noise pollution. And that’s just wrong. There are such laws in public space. And there’s no law that says you have to frequent private spaces that play music you don’t like. Seriously, why is this old white guy in a Techno club. Why isn’t he at symphony hall, a Jazz club or whatever? Or better still, just go home and play your records. Nobody’s forcing you to listen to Techno. Even in Second Life when the Techno or Death Metal gets annoying you can always turn the stream off and substitute your own music.

Then he talks about how the 2nd grade level of today’s lyrics probably has something to do with the diminishing vocabulary of the newer generations. I wouldn’t go that far. I would say that lack of creativity in Pop music hits them more in cultural terms. If all you’ve ever heard is Lady Gaga you’re not really prepared to tackle Beethoven, are you? You’re not necessarily even aware that there ever was such a thing as sitting down and listening to music.

I would think there are other things far more likely to be diminishing the new generation than music. TV, Video Games, Social Media, and above all else, an education system that ranks 14 midst other countries and 2nd in ignorance. Not to mention most children growing up with absent parents.

From every angle, the cards are stacked against the education of the new generations, and I really don’t think more stimulating Pop Music would do a hell of a lot to improve things. Especially when older, more intellectual music is out there if anyone wants it.

He recommends giving children an instrument to learn. Well, that’s all well and good if they take to it. But my recommendation is simply to do what was done for me. At the age of 4 I was given a record player and access to the record collections of everyone who lived in my house. I was thereby exposed to all the Pop Music of the early 20th century, Classical, Jazz, Folk and music from foreign cultures. As well as all manner of spoken word material.

Most people only read The Bible. I got to hear it fully dramatized. I was exposed to Shakespeare, poetry, history, famous speeches, literary classics, all before I had even begun to learn to read. I knew the entire evolution of American Popular Music before I started kindergarten because I had a record on the subject.

Thus I say that the true advantage to children, in terms of education, lies with the parents and what they choose to have in the house to expand the minds of the children before the educational system and the current pop culture get their mitts on them. Once that opportunity is missed, the education of children is out of the hands of anyone who really cares. And if the parents don’t care, kids are just screwed.

Anyway, in defense of Pop Music, it’s important to remember that there was a time when Pop Music sounded like this. And, by the grace of some future backlash against uninventiveness, it may eventually recover its former glories.

What It Was Like Being A Social Justice Warrior During The Last Revolution by Perri Prinz

Part of getting old is having to sit back and take stock of what the world has done with the ideas you supported enough to feel like you bear some responsibility for. At that point you’re either going to feel very proud of yourself, or you’re going to feel a fool who wishes he could have seen how things would turn out before making those decisions.

I think it’s probably true that I’ve been a Leftist all my life. Though I had no clear idea what being Leftist meant until this year, I can probably make a good case that my general philosophy of life has been almost entirely Left leaning. It has basically revolved around what is popular or conservative is bad, and off the wall creativity that breaks conservative restrictions is good.

Lets jump into The Wayback Machine and see how all this started. Actually, “The Wayback Machine” kind of marks our destination, as we are going back to the era of Sherman & Peabody.

Welcome to the mid to late 1960’s, a time which I was not aware was fairly dominated by Communist ideas which were being sold to me as an extension of The American Way. You know, it was just the American thing for each generation to tear down the old and try to build something better. And I suppose most people of my generation bought it, hook line & sinker, that there was just something gawd awful wrong about the post war world that existed between the late 40’s and early 60’s. It was just chock full of oppression of women, Black people and youth.

The youth thing was something I actually felt. The idea that people of my parents’ generation hated “Those awful kids” made me feel self-conscious whenever I had to approach a strange adult. The thought never occurred to me that maybe it wasn’t young people they hated, but rather those radical upstarts who were out to condemn and destroy everything they’d spent their lives building and defending. It never occurred to me this might be a kind of self-defense mode that they were being forced into by kids acting like the very Communists they’d gone to war 2 or 3 times to prevent from causing this very kind of situation.

No, I didn’t get that, because at the time I had no idea what Communist ideology was really like. But it was being taught to me and becoming a part of my nature through everything I absorbed from Hippie Pop Culture. And I suppose somewhere along the line I somehow took in the idea that I was always supposed to go with the thing that was oppressed or marginalized, and reject that which was popular with the masses as shallow and mindless.

Ah, but this backfired the day I asked my father where we could go to buy more 78’s, and he went into this spiel about how they didn’t make 78’s anymore, and how Rock & Roll had killed the kind of music that was on them. And right then and there I accepted the conservative idea that Rock & Roll was bad for the Cultural Marxist reason that it was oppressing this other kind of music.

Thus we have this odd combination of conflicting influences that was trying to convince me that the world before the Communist influenced Hippie movement was bad, while I was totally rejecting the Pop Music of the day for Swing Music and Old Time Radio shows. But what does a 10 year old kid know about such political anachronisms?

It was not until 1975 when I was 13 that I rebelled against myself and got totally into the Pop Music of the day, which was by then heading into the AOR/Disco era, with all my older brothers and their friends dumping their older Hippie Rock albums on me as they all simultaneously dropped their former Communist ideas, became Conservatives, got into Country Music and ran off to join the army. What sell outs, I thought, not realizing that this indicated there was something inherently immature about Communist influenced Hippie values.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but even during that one era in the mid 70’s where I was totally down with the Pop Culture of the day, those Communist influences I’d absorbed earlier were effecting how I approached it. This is why you will find, even to this day, that probably half or more of the recording acts in my record collection are Black acts.

Now, I just started to write that it wasn’t like there was anything about Black Music that White people couldn’t get into in those days, but that is a total untruth based on my own acquired tastes. It discounts that, not only did it totally piss my parents when I started bringing home Parliament/Funkadelic albums, but by the end of the latter years of the 70’s there was so much outrage over the Pop charts being swamped with Black Music to the point that it seemed like White Music was going to disappear, that separate radio stations for White and Black Music were established, and blowing up Disco records at stadiums typified the mood of the day.

But myself, being an idiotic Liberal who had to be forever in the underground of music and trying to be down with the oppressed culture, made myself fluent in Black Music, DJing all Black parties, thinking I was cool for trying to break down barriers and totally ignoring that the only reason I was wanted there at all was as a comic oddity to be laughed at by the nicest of those people, gotten over on and made sport of by the average of those people, while being looked on as an object of extreme hatred by the worst of those people.

I didn’t realize at the time how much like the White kid in “Car Wash” I was. You know, the one always reading from his little red book of Mao quotations, and expecting the angry Black Panther type dude to relate to him. And the end result of all this misguided idealism was the the Black Panther type dude in my real life ended up beating my head open with a 2×2 and leaving me for dead in the street, the extent of his hatred for Whitey felt in every blow.

At the same time all that stuff was going on, I was leading another comparatively secret life – my life as a Furry. And remember, this was the 70’s. There was no Furry Community. And I was into something that was so anti-establishment I felt like I was the only one into it, save for the Furry authors I regarded as my mentors. And I saw myself taking their previously unrelated ideas and putting them into a new movement of my own invention. And one of the names I concocted for this invention of mine was, believe it or not, “Furry.”

And while I was doing that I was also being influenced by all that Hippie Music that had been dumped on me, among which were these acts that were called “Art Rock,” or “Progressive Rock” by the infidels corrupting the purity of the movement. And from this music I was extracting the spiritual philosophy of the Communist influenced Hippie movement, which I determined to smash together with the Furry thing and create a religion/philosophical movement that would change the world.

Never did the thought occur to me that the world did not need changing. The irony is that I was thinking all this at a time when society in America was at the highest peak it would ever reach. The Hippie Revolution had done its job. The war had been put down and the concept of equality was firmly embraced and would have, if left alone, have ended all discrimination and social marginalization by the end of the 80’s.

But this is what happens when Communist influences are at work in your life. No matter how successful you are at making equality the status quo, once what you wanted to become the status quo has done so, you have to immediately become discontent with it, because the status quo always equates to Bourgeois.

Using music as a parallel for how everything else went, the Bourgeois music of the 60’s (basic Rock & Roll/Pop) was oppressive in its simplicity. This was oppressive to musicians who wanted to create more complicated music forms and express deeper ideas than the common “My baby done left me.”

Just as in the modern SJW movement, the idea was to breakdown these common, easily understood music formats, and replace them with modern art type music. And if you listen to John Lennon’s contributions to that idea, or even George Harrison’s “Electric Sounds,” or even the early efforts of Pink Floyd or Tangerine Dream, you can see that where this movement was headed was the total destruction of everything anybody could recognize as music.

It actually says in the liner notes of a Tangerine Dream boxed set that “Even songs had become Bourgeois.” Basically at the height of the Art Music movement you just got up on the stage and made any noises you wanted for 20 minutes or so, and nobody on the dance floor cared because they were all stoned out of their minds.

Actually, if you think about it, acts like Tangerine Dream, Pink Floyd, and Kraftwerk can all be looked on as influences of the modern Techno/EDM movements. And this is just one more parallel that can be drawn to my generation and what’s happening today. It’s all caught up in that Cultural Marxist idea that you criticize and deconstruct everything until it becomes so unappealing that no one in their right mind would want it. And this gradually conditions entire generations to living outside the bounds of all good taste and common sense.

Music itself becomes Bourgeois. And suddenly the upcoming generation doesn’t want to hear anything that conforms to any acceptable theory of music. They want Anti-Music.

Fortunately for the Hippie generation, there was a general world backfire to this deconstruction. And you had a counter movement to make Pop Music more sophisticated rather than deconstructing it to pure noise.

Just as I had backfired into the Swing era, Rock musicians backfired into Classical, Jazz and Folk, mixing it up into a new form of Electric Classical Music, which probably flew at the time because it was too complicated for the stoners to hear it as anything but more incomprehensible noise. But to more learned ears it was taking the ideas of melodic beauty, symphonic structures and emotional pathos into the new generation.

It was glorifying White European musical ideas, which was seen by some as uncool compared to the Eric Clapton’s and Led Zeppelin’s of the era who glorified the musical ideas of obscure Black musicians. And the music establishment instantly favored Blues Rock over Classical Rock, which seems to fit with ideas of the modern SJW movement.

This Blues Rock glorifies an oppressed minority, therefore it should fill The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. But this Classical Rock glorifies White influences. It also tends to sound acceptable to the ears of that older oppressive generation that the revolution is trying to put down.

Thus, this Blues Rock would be awarded and heralded to the end of time, but Classical Rock would be wiped from the musical history books as much as possible, as if it had been some kind of traitorous disgrace.

Fortunately they were not able to completely expunge it from the history books, because too many people liked it when it was new. Like the music of acts like The Carpenters which was openly criticized for catering to the ears of that cursed older generation, it remains too popular to ever be made to completely be forgotten.

But this is where things get really screwy. Eventually it occurred to the aging Hippie generation that they missed Classical Rock, and they tried to start a movement to revive it. But Communist influences prevailed, and the musicians trying to carry on the ideas of those older groups were confused.

What was the purpose of the music of that era, they pondered. Some groups were all about Classical structures and creating vivid symphonic pictures, while others were all about deconstruction of musicality. And, while Classical structures are pretty hard for less educated bands working out of garages to deal with, deconstruction is easy.

So, the Prog Rock revival movement ended up being mostly Communist in nature. The overwhelming drive of most Neo-Prog bands is to be Anti-Music in a deceptively musical way. The ideas expressed in the majority of Neo-Prog are expected to be overwhelmingly dark and negative. Imagery is generally horrible. Depressing albums are praised in the Neo-Prog fandom. Happy music is dissed, and thus avoided. Excessive creativity is also dissed.

As with Techno, in Neo-Prog you are expected to drone on for 30 minutes or more in a boring fashion that allows people to totally zone out. There is not really anything there striking enough to grab and hold anyone’s attention. But so long as the instrumentation of 70’s Art Rock bands is used, as will as a few imitative chord structures, fans are lulled into the illusion that they are enjoying the continuation of the “Progress” that is expected from what some call “Progressive Rock,” but really they are supporting the deconstruction of it, the unrelenting criticism of it, the reducing of the most artistically expressive musical concept ever invented to a movement of regressive, mind-numbing noise that contains not a scrap of the originality or inspiration that has kept those old albums from the 70’s perpetually on the best seller lists.

All of those attractive attributes have been criticized away in Communistic fashion. They want this music that was both criticized and loved for its White inspiration and appeal to the Bourgeoisie without those elements they regard as oppressive, creating in the process a kind of music that is the ultimate oppression to people, young or old, who feel an affinity to that original music Neo-Prog falsely claims to be a continuation of.

It has taken me many years to understand this. I have only just learned how the American tendency to deconstruct its culture is Communist in origin. Actually, it seems to me that the political idea of Right and Left is all wrong. What you really have is Up and Down, the left being down, deconstructing its way towards Hell on Earth, while the Right aspires to reach up for Paradise on Earth. Their ideas rarely achieve anything towards that goal, because Christianity can be just as deluding as Communism, but the good intention is there.

Moving on into the 80’s, I continued acting on my Hippie Communist influences. I was coming of age, and I determined that the insistence of society that I become an adult was oppressing me. Actually, it was. I wasn’t dealing with it well at all, and it was depressing me no end.

Thus another rebellion was required. I would refuse to stop watching cartoons. In fact, I would not only watch cartoons, I would prove to the world why cartoons were an acceptable interest for adults. I’d work them into my Furry thing and do startlingly adult things with them.

Unfortunately, by the end of the 80’s, other Communist influenced people had deconstructed and destroyed 80’s TV cartoons. See, this Commie influence just runs rampant in society. It doesn’t unite people or keep them working together towards deconstructing the same things, or elevating the same things. So sometimes we end up working against each other.

This left me in the 90’s looking for a new way to show my rebellion against the oppressive norms of society. So, when I discovered the fledgling American fandom for Japanese animation, I thought this stuff showed the oppression of the American animation industry that was keeping animation from reaching its potential as an entertainment medium for all ages, and overnight I became a major player in the bid to get Anime recognized as something that should be respected.

I can’t say the Anime fandom exactly warmed to my revolutionary attitude. Looking back on my writings at the time where I talked about strapping on one’s bunny ears and saving the world feels quite cringy at this point. But, I unfortunately can’t say it was an unsuccessful revolution. I, in fact, got everything I set out to achieve.

I helped raise Anime from one of the most obscure little fandoms on the face of the Earth to a mainstream phenomenon that today is pretty much a household word. And I’ve never been sorrier to have achieved anything in my life.

The moment Anime hit the mainstream, it started deconstructing itself. Practically overnight it went from an art form with unlimited potential to something that existed for nothing but cannibalizing itself for the sake of pandering to its lowest common denominator audience. Not only were the new titles unwatchable, but the presence of Anime in the mainstream caused American animation to start deconstructing itself as well.

Well, actually, American animation has been deconstructing itself since the advent of TV animation in 1950. By the 2000’s American animation had already deconstructed to a point where it was having difficulty maintaining its ability to be taken seriously, and the Anime influence added to the mix was not helping.

You see, I failed to take into account that American animation and Japanese animation are the products of two entirely incompatible cultures. No American company is going to give you an Urusei Yatsura, and no Japanese company is ever going to give you a Last Unicorn, not without Americans standing over their shoulders telling them how to do it. The Japanese just don’t understand that kind of Christian based story telling. Anime is ultimately useless as a level up for American animation, just like flooding the Western world with Muslims is ultimately useless as a level up for social equality.

Incompatible cultures don’t get together and blend just because you force them into the same space. They either become antagonistic towards each other, or they end up diluting each other and destroying the finer qualities of both, because ultimately it’s what makes something unique and incompatible with other things that gives it what makes it popular or desirable. Once these desirable cultural oddities are eliminated, you’re left with something totally superficial. And you need look no further than any dubbed and Americanized Anime to see how that works.

As a foreign culture thing that could be viewed as educational, I believed Anime could have been an incredible asset to the West. As a venue of cheap over sexualized super-heroines and macho bad-asses with personalities of cardboard, it’s worse than useless. It contributes to nothing but the dumbing down, the deconstruction of young people; young people who couldn’t throw a stone in this country without hitting something that wouldn’t be more culturally enriching than whatever Anime is currently being raved about on social media.

But, this also fits with Communist influences. You see, I was successful. And in Cultural Marxism, that’s a bad thing. I was used to Anime being this obscure thing that I could view as being oppressed into the underground. Suddenly I saw it flouncing around in the mainstream, flaunting it’s superficiality. And what ever’s in the mainstream must be oppressing something. So, the minute whatever underdog you’re backing hits the mainstream, you have to drop it like a hot potato. Is it any wonder I constantly find myself fearing success in any endeavor I undertake?

This left me in the 2000’s wanting to get back to my Furry thing, and there was now this fandom supposedly for what I’d been doing all those years. So I wanted to get in on that. What could be more obscure or oppressed than a cultural idea I was used to being the only one into?

It was, in fact, a fandom found at the extreme bottom of The Geek Hierarchy. The most misunderstood and hated group of people on the internet. And, not having learned my lesson from my Anime experience, the first thing I did was start trying to elevate the Furry Fandom to a position of respect.

And again, I was somewhat successful. I was, in fact, sitting on the very verge of seeing Furry Fandom overcome its oppression and earn its rightful place among all the other fandoms for respectable art forms, when who should show up at the very last second but the new wave of Cultural Marxist Hippies known as SJW’s.

And what did the SJW’s see? They saw a fandom on the verge of hitting the mainstream. And anything that’s successful must be oppressing somebody. Therefore it had to be subjected to insane levels of criticism and deconstructed.

Let me contemplate that idea for a moment. Deconstructing Furry. How does that work? Furry is, in and of itself, a deconstruction of society. It’s part of The Sexual Revolution. Just like everything from Anime Fandom to Gay Pride parades, Furry is one of those things born out of the revolution of my generation rebelling against the oppression of a stifling Right Wing society that holds concepts of sacred normality.

My generation . . . Well, actually, my older brothers’ generation, set out to lay waste to those concepts of normality. In a way, Furry Fandom and all that clings to it is the ultimate victory of that revolution.

Crap, if Furries can be accepted as “Normal,” off the wall has become the new normal, and the total turning upside down of the oppressive Normies by the radical individualists has been achieved. Furries fulfilled the God damn Cultural Marxist Manifesto. And if all the deconstruction had stopped right there, Marx would have been vindicated, and it’s quite possible a paradise of total freedom and equality would have resulted from all this deconstruction.

But now we see the ultimate folly of Cultural Marxism. Because the new generation of Cultural Marxists, raised by my deluded generation, was not about to be cheated of its own revolution just because the goal had already been achieved.

Hell no. Now the Furries were seen as oppressing the SJW’s. How dare we have this community where everyone is accepted and tolerated? How dare we offer concepts that obliterate all awareness of race? SJW’s need race. They need to be able to call people racists and Nazis, even if there are no racists or Nazis, because this new revolution is their destiny, and anything that denies them their destiny is oppressing them.

Thus, the deconstruction of society must continue beyond all reason. It’s not good enough that Gay people have been liberated. Gay people must now be made to look as stupid and offensive to reason as possible. Female equality? Not enough. Feminists must be shown as the most hateful and undesirable misandrists imaginable. Zero tolerance for White people. They must be attacked for just standing there being White. And God save you if you dare to sit there being male. Everyone must embrace Transgenderism, especially children. All national cultures must be utterly destroyed. And, finally, the ultimate deconstruction, pedophiles must be normalized.

See why I’m so terrified of success? I got everything I ever wished for. I lived to see the paradise that was Furry Fandom. I lived to an age where true freedom of people to be anything they wanted to be was achieved. I lived to see the underdogs elevated to the top of the heap. But it’s a self fulfilling prophesy of Cultural Marxism that success means you become the very thing your indoctrination demands must be destroyed. Thus, any time a generation of Cultural Marxists achieves success, another generation will be waiting in the wings to reduce their achievements to ashes.

Where do we go from here? Hell, I guess. I don’t see any way of avoiding that now. No sense even contemplating it. Instead, I’ll wrap this up by pondering where I went wrong, and what I should have done; what the world should have done.

As I see it, America used to have a pretty good work ethic. But, after WW2, parents got this notion they were going to hand their children a world where everything was already provided for them. And recently I’ve formed the opinion that you should never give anybody anything, because gifts are never appreciated. Only things one has to personally work for are appreciated.

The world that was handed to my older brothers was a spectacular post-war paradise. It had some bugs that needed to be worked out, but in time those bugs could have been fixed without totally trashing the gift. Indeed, I have to say the entire history of America is one of people taking for granted and under appreciating what was supplied by the previous generation. Thus, with or without the help of Cultural Marxists, Americans have been deconstructing America from day one.

Maybe, if someone could get in a time machine and kill Karl Marx before he had a chance to write anything, and then save John Kennedy, most of the horrors of the last 120 years could have been avoided. Assuming the first item did not accomplish the second one. After all, no Marx, no Communists. No Communists, No Nazis. No Nazis, No WW2, no Soviet Union, no Vietnam, no Cold War, no reason for a Kennedy assassination.

It’s amazing to think of the incalculable harm caused by the writings of one man. He makes Hitler and Stalin look like pikers. And yet, somehow people look on this man in a positive light. I mean, the ultimate comeback to being called a Nazi ought to be to call your accuser a Marxist. But what can you do when so many people in the world are acting under the influence of Marx and don’t even realize it, as I have so recently discovered.

But, alas, no time machine is available, and Marx was in my life by the time I was old enough to listen to the radio, or watch the TV. There was no way to avoid him.

The only thing I can think that would have changed my life would have been if somebody had realized early on that my talent, my drive, the destiny I was fated for, was selling records. If I could have gotten a job working in a record store early on, I wouldn’t have had so much idle time for lofty thoughts, grand dreams and white knight causes. I’d have just gone on to live a normal life, with normal aspirations, among normal people, and maybe I’d have done well. Instead, I now have to look back on a wasted life of distorted reason with no accomplishments I can feel proud of.

I can no longer pretend to know what I believe, or even what constitutes a solid right or wrong. Was I wrong to stand up for Gay rights, woman’s rights, Black rights and any other cause that came down The Pike? Would I have done it if I’d foreseen that in the end the only fool who ever gave a damn about Martin Luther King’s dream was me, and everyone else would eventually stomp all over that dream to finally get the chance to put chains on Whitey? Doesn’t sound very much like enlightened self-interest to me.

No, I would not change anything I’ve done. I still believe in The Dream and stand against anyone, White or Black, Left or Right, who spits on it.

This is not about race or politics. This is about the survival of civilization and the human race itself. Equality is necessary for peace, and anyone who is not happy with equality is the enemy of peace.

Equality does not mean that all people are the same. Equality means accepting the fact that all people are unique and must be allowed the same freedom to go their own way, to find what they’re good at, what they love to do, and what they want to be. It’s called the pursuit of happiness. Deal with it.

Happiness is not pursued through the artificial elevation of Affirmative Action or Forced Diversity. Happiness is pursued by seeking out your unique identity, your special talents and limitations. It is not pursued by letting bigoted idiots impress on you the things they think you ought to want.

And if you disagree with this philosophy, I am not concerned with what you think of me, or what names you might call me. You should be more concerned with what I think of you. Because The Dream shall rise again. And when it does, all those who stand in opposition to The Dream are going to be the ones being shouted down and dismissed as racists and Nazis.

My advice to anyone who cares about the survival of this world is to just stop deconstructing things. Recognize that the only reason for thinking something good must be bad, or something bad must be good, is because somebody who has no business putting his hands in your head is screwing with your brain. And you ought not to let them do it.

Let your own common sense be the judge of right or wrong, and when something is just carrying a good idea too far, or making light of something that is really, really bad.

Recognize that being fair means that everyone has the same opportunities, according to the talents they can demonstrate. Don’t keep a future Einstein out of school because you want to give an opportunity to a kid who shows no talents at all, other than not looking White. And by the same token, don’t let an Einstein of color be kept out of school because all the seats are taken up by unqualified kids who got in for displaying color, rather than potential.

The idea is that everyone is in a race to determine the best runners to take over as the leaders of the next generation. Let these people be judged by their skills and the validity of their ideas, not by the handicaps you set up for them.

Put down this Cultural Marxist bigotry that says all people shall be judged by their race. It’s racism, damn it. Do you really think you can avoid being called racist by going along with racists? Sooner or later this idiotic crap is bound to come back and bite you in the ass. If only by unleashing a new generation on the world that is totally incapable of assuming its responsibilities.

Just stop the deconstruction now. Either go back to the equality that had been achieved by the Hippie movement or go back to where things were before the Hippies and start over from there. I’ll not even complain if you want to go all the way back to the signing of The Constitution and start from there. Just, as you proceed forward, be guided by principles of appreciating and building on what went before, and don’t ever be fooled into thinking a philosophy of endless deconstruction and trading good for bad leads anywhere but to the social trash heap.

The Worm And The Tree by Perri Prinz

It seems Perri Prinz has not left the fandom just yet. In this post he describes the way that he feels.

I have come to realize that the reason I bother talking to people like Sonious, Equivamp, Deo Taz Devil, Patch Packrat, Xydexx, Green Reaper and various other people who are actively promoting a false narrative of hate against various furs who do not conform to certain political beliefs, is because of an erroneous assumption on my part.

The assumption runs along these lines. All furs are good and therefore would not be doing anything extremely immoral unless they were misguided or lacking enlightenment in some respect. Therefore, if I merely stand in their presence and state the truth, they will be enlightened and change their ways.

This, I now realize, is the folly of my own religious and philosophical indoctrination. The assumption that there is good or a will to be good in all people willfully practicing evil is illogical. The assumption that all furs are good simply by virtue of being furs is also false, and completely beyond logic.

Though there may be some reason in offering the benefit of the doubt long enough to present truth and give it a chance to be accepted, when people have willfully rejected truth in order to pursue their desired evil ends, there is no longer any sense in even continuing to talk to them. They are villains acting out of total selfishness, and no appeal to reason, morality, compassion or common sense is going to reach them.

It is quite clear that I have wasted more than enough time showing the lack of logic in the persecution going on in the fandom towards people who do not subscribe to extreme leftist beliefs. They have had all the opportunity that is reasonable to respond to reason and logic, but instead have adhered without budging to the most immoral bigotry and persecution of the innocent. Therefore, no further dialogue is in order. And other measures must now be taken.

But what measures are now called for that the existence of tyrannical villainy in positions of control in Furry Fandom has been established? We must now assess the value of what these villains would steal from us, which is basically the free Furry Fandom that existed before the implementation of tyrannical political correctness.

Is it worth a rebellion, a civil war, blood and violence, to preserve a fandom? Logic says it is not. Is it a moral obligation to attack and destroy villainous traitors, thieves, oppressors and promoters of institutionalized bigotry? No, this is not a moral obligation. Indeed, the falsehood that such a moral obligation exists is the main thing these villains use to justify themselves. They demonize anyone who counters their lies as a Nazi or other buzz term in order to evoke the falsehood that anyone so labeled should be silenced and suppressed.

On reflection, I see that villains such as we now face have always existed in the fandom. In fact, many of these villains have been around for possibly 20 years or more, during which time they have repeatedly attacked the fandom with attempts to install a similar tyranny, but the fandom has always been able to put them down. But now that they can hide behind political correctness as a shield of false legitimacy, they are succeeding where they previously failed. And no passive methods of protest will have any effect on them. Nothing short of a gunshot to the head is going to stop them this time.

But a fandom is merely a recreation, a hobby. It is not a thing worth coming to blows to defend, and certainly not worth shedding blood to preserve. Indeed, if a hobby becomes so politicized that it can no longer be preserved without violence, then it has lost all value, even as a recreation. And, indeed, I have to admit it seems ages since the fandom has been any kind of asset to my interest in anthropomorphic animals. It has become nothing but a zone of disputed freedoms where someone is always complaining they’ve been wronged, and people become completely absorbed in dealing with these disputes.

Thus, I must determine if Furry Fandom is worth such extreme measures to defend. And, being as I effectively broke the ground on which The Furry Community is built, I would say I am in a good position to assess it’s value. Furry is, in fact, my life and the substance of my very existence. But, even so, I can not honestly say there is anything here worthy of bloodshed to defend.

I keep coming back to the parable of The Worm And The Tree. Furry Fandom is like a great tree that I planted many decades ago. And over that time I have watched it grow into something beautiful which has provided a home for many beautiful beings.

Unfortunately, at some point it was entered by a small parasite which over the years has grown to a point that it is now choking the life out of the tree, and poisoning the environment of all who live in it. And there is now no way of destroying this parasite but to let the tree die so that the parasite will be left exposed, helpless and without any further source of sustenance.

Therefore I say, I will fight these villains no longer. Nor will I struggle in vain to prevent the now inevitable death of the fandom as we knew it. I will simply walk away and allow villainy to be destroyed by its own greed.

Then, when the ruins of the old have been cleared away, and the Earth purified of corrupting poison, a new seed may be planted which will grow into a new Furry Fandom, which we shall tend more carefully, and guard from infecting parasites.

Therefore, I have decided that logic and morality dictate that I no longer joust with villains. Nor will I stay nearby that they might feed on me for sustenance. I will leave them ignored and starved for attention, starved for more innocent creatures to infect with their hateful poison; until they realize that they are left with nothing but the husk of a dead tree, which provides them with no power, no recognition and no sustenance for their egos.

Let Patch Packrat write his lies and attempt to inspire hatred against the innocent all he likes. It will avail him not if no one remains to read his lies; if no one remains even to be his victim.

Let Xydexx ban whom he likes from Anthrocon. It will avail him nothing as a con that is not open to free expression inspires less and less interest until it becomes unsustainable.

The villains are counting on the fans valuing Furry Fandom to an extent that they will submit to tyranny to keep it alive. What they fail to recognize is that people do not come to Furry Fandom to be tyrannized. They come here as an escape from oppression. With that freedom from oppression destroyed, no value remains here beyond the Furry genre itself, which is beyond all ownership or corruption. It exists forever regardless of what we do and can never be robbed from us.

If we do not support them, villains can not win. Do not fight them, for this only draws them more attention from those they can corrupt with their lies. Merely turn away from them, refusing to hate who they tell you to hate, refusing to relinquish your own long standing sense of morality and logic.

Remember, we are Furries. We built the fandom that was a shining beacon to the world of what tolerance and freedom of expression could be. We never needed anyone to come in here and tell us how we should think about such things. We already know how to be fair and tolerant to all people in our company. We do not need invaders telling us that our community will be more just if we hate certain people.

Remember, hate is not a recreation or a hobby that brings rejuvenation from the stresses of daily life. Hate is a state of impaired mental and emotional health that causes the mind and body to wither. If it has come down to being required to hate to be a Furry. Then we gain nothing from being Furries, and have nothing left to lose.

Perri Prinz Has Left the Fandom Yesterday

Perri Prinz has left the fandom yesterday, the reason why is simple…HATERS. Yes Haters actually drove someone from the fandom. You see Perri Prinz writes brilliant commentaries and I am proud that he allowed them to be reposted on my blog. But unfortunately their comments rubbed some the wrong way and they lashed out more ways than one. Sad times we live in, when someone can’t say anything that is the complete truth without someone literally verbally attacking you. Either that or stealing your work and not giving you credit. Really it has gotten to a point where only the crooked and those with really thick skin can post anything these days in a public forum and not take any attack personally.

Speaking of which it was a Perri Prinz commentary that spawned that article on me that the Flayrah site went to war against me for not allowing one single comment on his commentary. Oh sure it hurt at first, until I really began thinking about and realized how silly this whole thing was. Think about it, 1 article with 72 comments, and 4 YouTube videos all of which called me both a communist and a NAZI. Yes this was all over 1 comment I didn’t allow on my blog. Someone really has issues and it isn’t me.

Really I am glad this happened, because given my recent health issues they left me unsure about a lot of things.

But now all those problems are solved.

What I came up with was this…

The world is a interesting place…and you could not pay me enough to leave the fandom. The world can be a fun place, but don’t do anything that you dislike, and all haters are idiots, they are not even worthy to use their tongues to lick a yak clean.

No wonder the number of furry blogs are going down, they are literally being driven offline by haters. But I am happy to say you won’t see mine vanish overnight.

Really I wish Perri Prinz well and hope that they find themselves. The world is a different place than it was even just 4 years ago and not for the better, and people like Perri Prinz leaving the fandom only makes worse.

A Conversation With Deo Taz Devil by Perri Prinz

Deo — Mon 10 Jul 2017 – 03:27

Perri, you say a lot of things. Your last rant (I won’t credit it with the title of article) about me said I was a “terrorist” in a “terrorist organization”. Those are incredibly damaging and outlandish accusations to hurl so freely. When you wrote that rant, and all the others that followed, you never contacted me to discuss any part of the events.

I have not been in the furry fandom for as long as some people, that is true. But after 12 years I don’t think anyone will buy your bologna that I am some sort of new invader bent on destroying the fandom. I have roots in this community, and people know me. Artists know I am generous, friends know I am kind, and con attendees know I love to host a good party.

“They do not create anything. Their purpose is the destruction of society itself. They are indoctrinated to infiltrate and destroy anything they can get their hands on.”

I do create. In 2005 I joined the fandom and since then I have made half a dozen fursuits, countless paintings and drawings, and one joint furry comic project.

Perri, I am a millwright keeping machinery running to produce metals needed for infrastructure and manufacturing. My work very literally supports society as most of our materials are used in American bridge building projects. Every time you drive over a bridge, I want you to think of me and my brothers in the steel industry holding you up. I build things, I repair things, I play my small part in keeping the wheels of industry and society running. I volunteer regularly and often to support my local community. You continue telling people that I, and those you lump in with me, are out to destroy society which is blatantly false.

Maybe if you had bothered to speak to me (like real journalists with ethics do) you would have known months ago before you took up this smear campaign that I am not some destructive collossus.

Deo — Sun 9 Jul 2017 – 20:33

I had heard of his passing, I sent a few condolences in private and avoided any public discussion. I found it distasteful of people trying to politicize his death, either trying to garner sympathy by loudly flourishing it about or even more distastefully making a joke about his passing.

I did not care for Xzavior while he was alive due to his loud racist and antisemetic comments, but that doesn’t negate the fact that it is sad he died and that his family is mourning him.

I think Xydexx had a good point on something though, to be careful with how we treat others and to take care avoiding hate speech because life is fragile and those could be what we end up being remembered for. I know I can be quite hotheaded myself and I would not like to be remembered for hasty words spoken in anger much less racist slurs.

Deo — Mon 10 Jul 2017 – 03:25

Sorry I am new to Flayrah, this comment was meant to be on the article as a whole, not directed as a reply to any person.

Perri — Mon 10 Jul 2017 – 15:16

Dear Deo,

2 posts, entirely directed at me, and one excuse trying to say the previous 2 are not off topic. I will say this for you. You can be funny.

I don’t recall doing a rant on you. I don’t think I’ve ever addressed you as a solo topic to any extent. The only thing I can think of that you might be referring to was a link I put in the Furry Raiders group to an article that shows Antifa has now been officially listed as a domestic terrorist group, and that, if you endorse Antifa, you support a domestic terrorist organization. There was no editorializing with it. It was just stating a fact. And if you don’t like that fact, all you have to do is denounce Antifa.

Anyway, it’s not like I don’t know you quite well. Your hate mongering tweets are in my face every day, whether I want them to be or not. And I did listen to every word of your interview with Furry Days. I have spent considerable time with you, whether you knew I was there or not.

And I will say this about you, Deo. There are a lot of Archie Bunker types in this world who are in some respects lovable in their personal life, in spite of being totally whacked in their prejudicial perspectives. Maybe you’re such a person. Maybe you honestly think you’re doing good by painting people as Nazis when they’re not. Maybe you’re a really good person who just doesn’t know any better.

But, to the people who continue to suffer because of the prejudice you continue to perpetuate, you’re scum. Actually, you’ve gone beyond scum. You’ve become the Furry Fandom’s equivalent of Big Brother.

That, of course, has nothing to do with how good a person you might be in real life. Life on the internet is very cut off from reality. There’s always this temptation to think nothing you do on the internet can possibly effect the real world. Never mind that you effectively destroyed an entire convention with one tweet, and set in motion a precedent which has not only already done serious financial damage to other conventions, but will in all likelihood cost us many more conventions in the future.

You remain blissfully detached from all that. In your mind you have no responsibility for this ever growing precarious rift in the fandom. All you care about is that people who disagree with you are Nazis, and Nazis have no right to complain about being attacked. I’m sure you’re totally mystified as to why anyone would hate you for that.

Part of me wants to feel sorry for you. After all, it’s difficult to tell what a nice fur you might have been before being indoctrinated into this hateful cult of Communism. But on the other hand, it’s not like anything we say is going to un-indoctrinate you. And even if we could red pill you, that would not undo the damage you’ve already done.

We can never go back to the way we were. There is no future for Furry Fandom as we knew it. You have won. You have set Furry Fandom on the road to ruin, as surely as your kind has done to the gamer and comic book fandoms. And as you eventually stand surveying the ruins, I hope you take a sense of pride in the destruction. Because, if you don’t, it will all have been for nothing.

As for me, I have no further interest in The Furry Community, beyond defending your victims. As soon as I’m no longer needed to speak for the speechless I’m out of here. But in the meantime, if you’d like to open some kind of debate in my journal, you’re welcome to.

In fact, if you like, you may compile a list of questions which you can send to . I will then create an entry to answer the questions, and we can carry on discussion in the comment section. If you’re up for the challenge I’ll look forward to hearing from you.


Deo — Tue 11 Jul 2017 – 02:31

2 posts, entirely directed at me, and one excuse trying to say the previous 2 are not off topic. I will say this for you. You can be funny.

One was directed at you thus why the comment clearly begins with “Perri” as to address you. The second comment was intended to be a reply to the article itself and I even said I was sorry for accidentally tagging you.

I don’t recall doing a rant on you. I don’t think I’ve ever addressed you as a solo topic to any extent. The only thing I can think of that you might be referring to was a link I put in the Furry Raiders group to an article that shows Antifa has now been officially listed as a domestic terrorist group, and that, if you endorse Antifa, you support a domestic terrorist organization. There was no editorializing with it. It was just stating a fact.

You wrote a rant posted to the Furry Times titled “The Fandom that Feared Itself”. (1) In which you claim my actions “did turn out to be a terrorist attack” on Anthrocon. Which is absurd and a vile lie. You claim “Antifa Communists”, “Communist terrorist group” and “SJWs” are responsible for a terrorist attack upon the furry fandom. You also name me as some sort of leader “the first name on her list of Communist furs was the infamous Deo, fired the shot that eventually killed RMFC.”

So yes, you have repeatedly called me a terrorist and not in some passable way referring offhandedly to a generalized antifa but by name and hosted on a so called news site. I do not take being slandered as a terrorist lightly, and you calling me so is completely vile.

As for your claim that I “fired the shot that killed RMFC”; what about the convicted child rapist and his best friend the Sovereign Citizen who impersonated a lawyer to mail illegal threats to my home? (2) See, when I talked to Sorin the con chairman he said it was the fact that two board members went rogue and mailed illegal threats behind the backs of the other board members that killed RMFC. The catalyst was these men writing this letter, not the fact that I posted the letter online publicly. Normal people blame the people who send illegal threats, not the person receiving the threats. RMFC had a myriad of other troubles at the time, but that letter was the final straw and reason the con sadly closed.

And if you don’t like that fact, all you have to do is denounce Antifa.

Antifa has been around since the 1920s, you seem caught up on specifically Berkeley and the one man with a bike lock as being the defining moment. Should I define all American gun owners by the actions of Dylan Roof? Or should I define all conservatives by the actions of Timothy McVeigh? Doing so is completely dishonest to gun owners and conservatives. Similarly defining Antifa by one man in Berkeley is dishonest.

Antifa is not a group with leaders or heirarchy. Antifa does look scary. Do you know why? For decades we have toed off with Aryan Brotherhood, Hammerskins, Sons of Odin, New American Nazi Party, and the KKK. We wear masks so they do not identify us and attack our families. We wear masks as an intimidation tactic against Nazis and to show a unified front. We wear masks so that if the police show up and inevitably gas the wrong group our lungs are better protected.

When I was in Antifa I defended historically Jewish neighborhoods from Hammerskins who wanted to march through with Nazi flags, break windows, and intimidate people. Antifa would mobilize, get there first, and stand our ground so that the neonazi group could not tromp through the neighborhood. Is this what you are so terrified of? People wearing masks stopping neonazis from attacking Jewish homes and businesses? Wring your hands Perri, because I won’t denounce them. I do not regret stopping neonazis from parading in Jewish neighborhoods.

Anyway, it’s not like I don’t know you quite well. Your hate mongering tweets are in my face every day, whether I want them to be or not. And I did listen to every word of your interview with Furry Days. I have spent considerable time with you, whether you knew I was there or not.

You obviously do not know me at all. You called me a terrorist. You have spent no time with me, you never once approached me to talk. You slunk off and wrote horrific things about me and had the sheer audacity to peddle it as news.

And hate mongering tweets? Which ones, citation is very much needed for my so called hate. I am going to assume you are referring to my tweets where I show the world what your Furry Raiders and AltFurry say by posting their own direct words from their public posts or chat logs? (3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16) Because pointing out their shitty behavior does not count as me being hateful.

And I will say this about you, Deo. There are a lot of Archie Bunker types in this world who are in some respects lovable in their personal life, in spite of being totally whacked in their prejudicial perspectives. Maybe you’re such a person. Maybe you honestly think you’re doing good by painting people as Nazis when they’re not. Maybe you’re a really good person who just doesn’t know any better.

“Prejudicial perspectives”? I don’t like people who attack others on the basis of racial, religious, or LGBT status. I have not called anyone “a nazi” who did not support Nazi ideology or join a group whose leadership espoused Nazi ideology. I don’t go around calling people Nazis unless they do shit like this (17), or say this (18), or state for themselves that they are Nazis.

But, to the people who continue to suffer because of the prejudice you continue to perpetuate, you’re scum. Actually, you’ve gone beyond scum. You’ve become the Furry Fandom’s equivalent of Big Brother.

Your friends in the Raiders and AltFurry told me to kill myself, they sent me threats one of which was “Nigger bitch I will rape you to death [my address]”, when my grandfather died three weeks ago they gleefully sent me messages one was “One less kike!”

Who, again here is scum? Because this viciousness and depravity is something I have never done. You all should be appalled and ashamed of yourselves and the actions of those in your group. Further vilifying me does not lesson the millstone of guilt that hangs around their necks.

That, of course, has nothing to do with how good a person you might be in real life. Life on the internet is very cut off from reality. There’s always this temptation to think nothing you do on the internet can possibly effect the real world. Never mind that you effectively destroyed an entire convention with one tweet, and set in motion a precedent which has not only already done serious financial damage to other conventions, but will in all likelihood cost us many more conventions in the future.

Actually, good people are good online and off. Which is why I don’t say things remotely as bad as the group you chose to join and defend. And of course I know it affects the real world. Your idiot friends have mailed things to my home, physically through the US Postal service.

Also, nope, your friends in the Raiders and AltFurry got caught red handed damaging conventions. You can’t blame me for their actions of calling the hotel with threats and calling the hotel to report that Califur was harboring pedophile rings. Absolutely do not blame me for the actions of your group, have some decency to at least own up when they were blatantly caught. Stop lying Perri.

You can’t even say that the two groups, Furry Raiders and AltFurry, are separate entities because they are both compromised of the same bulk of membership between the two. That including most of Furry Raiders listed as being in leadership positions.

You remain blissfully detached from all that. In your mind you have no responsibility for this ever growing precarious rift in the fandom. All you care about is that people who disagree with you are Nazis, and Nazis have no right to complain about being attacked. I’m sure you’re totally mystified as to why anyone would hate you for that.

Shows again how little you know me and how unaware and ignorant you are of this situation. How can I be detached when I received death threats? Or when Foxler himself and others spread my home address with the intent to incite others to harm me? How blind are you that you cannot see that this was massively disruptive to my life? I enjoyed being unknown.

All I care about? I have a family to take care of! Your group not only threatened me, but the people who live with me, people who rely on me to survive. I care about my family, I care about my community, I care about my work, and I care about my fandom. I have not attacked these people in the magnitude and seriousness as they have done to me. I never told anyone to kill themselves, I never tracked down anyone’s home, I never called anyone’s employer, I never threatened to kill, I never threatened to rape, I never mocked the dead, all these things they have done to me. There is not one way in which you can twist these events to justify their sick actions.

YOU, Perri, are detached. You call me a terrorist, you join a gang of people that has threatened to rape me to death and called my deceased grandfather a kike. You don’t sewm to give a single shit about the horrendous actions of your new friends. Are you that desperate for some cause, to be important, or part of a group that you can ignore all these things? You don’t care about my family, you twist sob stories about these poor boys who threaten to kill me and threaten to break into my home. You are the one detached and without empathy or conscience, otherwise how could you condone these things and defend these people? Just admit it, you are a parasite sucking at any group that may fan your ego and fill the lonely friendless void within yourself and you don’t care who or what gets hurt. You can’t take the high road when you are determined to stand in with the shit Perri.

Part of me wants to feel sorry for you. After all, it’s difficult to tell what a nice fur you might have been before being indoctrinated into this hateful cult of Communism.

I don’t want your paltry fake pity, go mime human emotions at someone else. I am a communist because I care about people, I love people. 5 men own half the world’s wealth and 20 million people will die this year alone from easily treatable conditions. 50% of all the food grown in America ia wasted, 30% of it is left to rot in the fields because it is not profitable to harvest and sell while we have one in 5 American kids going hungry. I am a communist because I care more about those 20 million people than I do about my material possessions.

But on the other hand, it’s not like anything we say is going to un-indoctrinate you. And even if we could red pill you, that would not undo the damage you’ve already done.

Hahaha, you say I am indoctrinated and then say “we could red pill you”. Red Pill is a toxic cult ideology. Bitter, angry, insecure men taking their rage and pouring it online as if it was gospel or scientific fact. I know what Red Pill is. It’s toxic to men by being derogatory towards any man who does not fit strict hyper-gender-role criteria. Men who are short, men who are fat, men of color, men who have trouble growing their hair, men who have financial insecurity are mocked relentlessly as “betas”, “cucks”, and “manginas”. It is toxic to women calling them “dogs”, “children”, “cattle” who cannot be allowed choices or personal autonomy.

It tells people that there is no such thing as love, and relationships are solely an exchange of goods and services. (19, 20, 21)

We can never go back to the way we were. There is no future for Furry Fandom as we knew it. You have won. You have set Furry Fandom on the road to ruin, as surely as your kind has done to the gamer and comic book fandoms. And as you eventually stand surveying the ruins, I hope you take a sense of pride in the destruction. Because, if you don’t, it will all have been for nothing.

As for me, I have no further interest in The Furry Community, beyond defending your victims. As soon as I’m no longer needed to speak for the speechless I’m out of here.

Good riddance and take your racist slur spewing ethnostatist friends with you. Begone hyperbolic lying parasite.

Perri 1:18 PM 7/11/17

Nope. Actually you need to take that up with Equivamp. She’s the one who handed me the list with your name on top. Why she put your name on the list at all I don’t necessarily get, but if she hadn’t I might never have known you were a Communist. Anyway, you’re name being on the top of her list doesn’t make you a leader. But I can only assume she put you first because she regarded you as someone of unusual importance.

Sorry, it’s not slander to call you a terrorist after you’ve endorsed a terrorist group. You’re going to be getting a lot of that in the future, I’m sure. If you don’t like that, might I suggest that you come up with a statement denouncing and distancing yourself from Antifa? I think by the time you get that done my essays will have disappeared from the net.

No you’re not a passable terrorist. You’re a proactive and well organized terrorist who terrorized an entire convention out of existence. Excuse the hell out of me for wanting to give that the admiration it deserves. Single greatest trolling in history. If they gave awards for trolling, you would win the Cat Ass Trophy.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’ve heard all those other excuses. But all reputable sources say it was the money you added to the cost of the con that killed it. You’re not getting out of it. Stop trying to hide your accomplishments. Take credit for your kill.

Oh my God. You’re not going to distance yourself from Antifa, are you? You’re going to talk about being a member of the actual street thug gang. All I ever laid on you was being an Antifa Fur. That’s nothing compared to how you just incriminated yourself.

Earth to Deo. Domestic Terrorist Organization. Unlawful Enemy Combatant. Imprisonment Without Trial. Oh, boy, do you have an interesting future in front of you.

Deo, who do you think you’re fooling? People don’t define Antifa by the 1920’s. They define Antifa by what they see on Youtube. And what they see is a bunch of thugs attempting to crush free speech, breaking windows, attacking helpless garbage cans, and avoiding real NeoNazis like the plague. Because, as Goldilocks found out the hard way, real NeoNazis hit back.

So don’t give me any bulls—t about how you’re protecting me from NeoNazis. What you’re protecting me from is free speech, and I don’t want protection from that. I don’t want you to protect me from Richard Spenser’s words. How am I going to tell if he’s a piece of crap or not if you don’t let me hear what he’s got to say?

All we’re going to see is some guy being attacked by a bunch of thugs. And we’re not going to side with the thugs. You make heroes out of these people by default. You make white supremacy look good. You make people seriously interested in hearing what you’re trying to shut up. Way to go, Antifa. You do realize, of course, if you’d left that guy alone, I’d never have heard of him.

By the way, Deo. You ever see the movie Park Heights? That’s where I live. Very old Jewish neighborhood. There’s a friggen synagogue on every corner. And I can guarantee you there are no Jews here who would feel safer with Antifa thugs roaming our streets. This is Baltimore. We got enough thugs. Thank you very much.

Ah, you don’t like being in the news. Well that’s too bad. You know, most people who don’t want to be in the news have sense enough to keep a low profile and not do things that nobody else has accomplished before.

Deo, dear, you’re famous. You’re going to be a legend in Furry Fandom. People are going to be writing about you from now on. You know why, because the more you hate on The Furry Raiders, the more you keep them in the news. And the news is not going to miss it when they hate back on you. I’d think you would have figured that out from the “Deo Is Watching You” fiasco.

Becoming not news is the easiest thing in the world. Just stop spewing your hate and let people forget you.

Why are you bothering me about AltFurry? You know damn well that’s Len Gilbert’s thing. It has nothing to do with The Furry Raiders. One is political, the other wants to get away from politics. We are very different entities. And, just between you and me and the other Commies here, AltFurry strikes me as a lot more dangerous. I wouldn’t play around with them, if I were you.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Same boring tweets. Everyday you gotta say something, and I gotta hear about it. And every day I’m like “Dear God, Deo, will you ever get a life?” I mean, come on, I’m a mod, I have to look at your BS when it gets dragged in. But you do not have to crap it out every day. Get a significant other. Go out on a picnic. Do something, anything that does not involve tweeting.

And another thing you need to stop is boo hooing because the hate you send out to others comes back to you in spades. You commission an insanely intimidating “Punch a Nazi” gif. And a bunch of people point guns at a blow up of your avatar. Like you didn’t ask for that. And you expect them to take that as a joke. So why aren’t you taking the guns as a joke

Besides, you’re a big bad Antifa street thug. You eat NeoNazis for breakfast. Don’t tell me it scares you that some of the people you’ve been giving a hard time might actually have guns. I don’t know if they taught you this in school, but actions tend to have consequences. And the consequences of bullying are not always pretty. So if you send out a hateful picture, you are probably going to get a hateful picture back. If you can’t take the response, don’t send the picture.

Like I said, I’m not going to address anything from AltFurry Discord. I am in no way connected with those guys. But I will rake you over the coals for claiming to be justified in calling Foxler a Nazi for trolling a Nazi group. He made a friggen joke out of them, The same way he makes a friggen joke out of you and everyone else who foolishly insists that a gay, half Asian man in a fursuit, in a relationship with a half black man can somehow be a white supremacist? Let alone a NeoNazi?

Tell me something, Deo. does everyone in Antifa know as little about Nazis as you do? And are they all as susceptible to a troll like Foxler mopping the floor with them as you are? You do realize he mops the floor with you every time you call him a Nazi. Technically you mop the floor with yourself.

I have the testimony of actual NeoNazis who put it straight up that there is no way in hell Foxler could ever be a NeoNazi, and that they are laughing their asses off at you. You, a friggen Antifa who can’t tell a Nazi from a hole in the ground. And how does that make you feel, Antifa, knowing the actual Nazis are laughing at you?

Aww, did the poor little devil get doxxed? Aww, gee, what a shame. But, uh, no citation on that one? So how do we know it was Foxler? I mean, you killed a convention. You made about 2000 enemies in that one shot. And why would Foxler dox his favorite troll toy? Sounds more like you pissed off AltFurry to me. Or maybe Kiwi Farms. They’ll dox you in a heart beat.

But I guess it doesn’t matter who did it. It comes back to the same thing. Your actions have consequences. And that’s how it’s going to be from now on. You don’t want to get doxxed, don’t make enemies. I fully expect to get doxxed any time now. Can’t imagine why it hasn’t happened already. You’re probably working on it right now. ^_^

Well, I know nobody from The Raiders called you “Nigger bitch,” because that would be a banning offense. And if AltFurry did it, that’s what you get for pissing them off.

You know, it’s a crazy thing. You go off on people, telling everyone how dangerous they are. And when they turn out to actually have some back bite and you get hurt, you’re like, “How dare they. People aren’t supposed to be allowed to hurt me back.” Hey, I’ll bet under all that bravado you’re just a little snowflake, aren’t cha?

“One less kike?” Still doesn’t sound like something that would come from a Furry Raider. Face it. You’ve got some serious enemies. You are being trolled big time. Which is not surprising because everyone can see what a sucker for trolls you are. And, another little bit of advice, don’t overlook your friends, because you keep some sleazy company.

We have no guilt where you’re concerned. Whatever you got you asked for, and chances are you didn’t get it from us.

Oh, nobody blames you for Califur. I know who did that. Len Gilbert called for that action. And I then personally ripped him a new one for acting like you. Even Foxler voiced his disapproval. But you’re still not off the hook because you set the precedent. You taught people how to attack conventions. And this BS is going to be going on forever now.

Deo, you’re full of s—t. AltFurry is not the same people. Maybe some of the same people, but not all of the same people. And definitely not the same concept. And as you can see above, everything they do is not ok with us.

Awww, you enjoyed being unknown. How sad. But you know what I enjoyed. I enjoyed Furry Fandom, before you Antifa/SJW creeps came in here and ruined it. Well, you’re never going to be unknown again, and I’m never again going to get to enjoy a non-political Furry Fandom. Isn’t that just awful. Aren’t we a couple of Sad Sacks? Don’t we just feel terrible for each other? No? Well get over it then, as that’s all that’s left to me to do.

Oh, will you stop with the hearts and flowers already. “All I want to do is keep my family safe.” Being a nasty bitch on the internet is a great way of accomplishing that, isn’t it?

Look, I feel sorry for you. I feel sorry for the people you live with. But you get this through that thick head of yours. If you’re really in danger, you did this to yourself. You did this to your family and friends. There was no reason on Earth for you to go on the internet and start making enemies hand over fist. There was no reason for you to assume there would be no real world consequences.

As hard as this may be for you to understand, The Furry Raiders do not hate you. Any tit for tatting we do with you is pretty much all in fun. But if we thought you were in real danger, we’d do whatever we could to protect you. If I knew for a fact that somebody was coming for you, I’d warn you. Why? Because we’re stupid that way. We wouldn’t be able to remember that you didn’t deserve any compassion from us.

But, unfortunately, I don’t know who your real enemies are. And even if I did, I wouldn’t have any influence with them. This is a really stupid thing you’ve done to yourself. Suicidally stupid. And the only way I can see that could possibly protect yourself and the people you live with, is to move.

You care about your fandom? Then why’d you freakin’ help destroy it?

Oh, dear God. Here we go with the waterworks again. Stop crying. It’s not convincing coming from the biggest bully in Furry Fandom. Do you seriously expect me to believe you can’t take care of yourself? Big mouthed Antifa bad-ass, goes out in the street and faces down real NeoNazis. Well, for crap’s sake. Where’s Antifa when you need ’em?

I am not detached or without empathy or conscience. I just don’t believe you. I don’t think you received these alleged threats. I think you’re making it all up. I think you’re a lying ass-hole, to be honest. I’ll be gracious and give you the benefit of the doubt that you got some threats, but they didn’t come from me or anyone I know. If you had gotten any threats from The Furry Raiders, they’d be harmless jokes you wouldn’t have to worry about. But then I know you do regard jokes as threats. To you everything is bloody serious business, unless you’re doing it to someone else. Then it’s just a joke. I’m well familiar with the pattern.

Now you try my patience. You evoke my anger. And my pleasant, friendly voice drops to the low growl of a wrathful god.

You are a Communist because you are a fool who has never lived through a cold war. You are a Communist Holocaust denier, who dares preach to me about 20 million Communism will help, in complete denial of the 100 Million who are already dead because of Communism, shot down in the streets because they did not think right thoughts.

And how do you express your great love for people? By bringing their society to ruin, never asking if they want you to do it. By persecuting the innocent? By twinking the nose of AltFurry and blaming The Furry Raiders for the consequences? By being a passionless smart-ass to people on the internet who beg you to understand they’re not Nazis? How dare you sit in judgment of me, you disgusting excuse for a human being.

You who will help bring death and disaster to millions. You who will leave this world in ruins. You who have been warned time and again the folly of your indoctrination, and still you will not care. You who would take everything I have come to hold precious. You who would rob me of my world itself. You, puny little Communist thing, dare tell me you care about people.

Not Even Dark Shadows Fandom Is Safe by Perri Prinz

Another kind of SJW that has been out there for a number of years is the gay branch of this massive attempt to totally destroy culture and society. I ran into this on Wikipedia a few years ago where they were trying to put forward that Danny Kaye and Hans Christian Anderson were gay and should be made icons of The Gay Community.

According to the SJW’s from The Gay Community, if a controversy exists, dead people who can not defend themselves get to be claimed, even if it was these very same people who started the controversy by presenting and obviously prejudiced interpretation of the evidence, and then bullying anybody who suggests their arguments don’t hold water.

The fact that I got harassed by mods, called homophobic and lots of other unsavory buzzwords, and got threatened with being banned, just for suggesting they needed more evidence to be putting such personal conclusions out as undeniable fact, is one of the reasons I stopped editing Wikipedia.

The other day, Facebook recommended a page to me. This page was called “Jonathan Frid Was Gay And That’s Ok.” So I clicked on it and started looking for what citations they were offering. And again, the evidence was all pretty superficial and proved nothing. It could indicate gayness, or it could indicate asexuality, or it could indicate things totally unrelated to sexuality, just like with the Danny Kaye thing.

So we have this person who is either knowing or has been unwittingly indoctrinated into SJW practices, attending to divide the Dark Shadows fandom by going around the community making a big obnoxious noise about how it’s a stone cold undeniable fact that Jonathan Frid was gay, and anyone who doesn’t agree is not only homophobic, but a cruel-ass nasty person for not caring how even the slightest expression of homophobia “Triggers” him.

And, because much of the fandom seems to see him as a deranged obnoxious fool, he’s been repeatedly told to knock it off, shown evidence that contraries his claims, and probably been the recipient of some genuine hate; not for being gay, but for pushing a lie about the main beloved icon of that fandom. It really wouldn’t surprise me if a lot of people wanted to see this guy strangled for what I am going to give the name it deserves, “Gay appropriation.”

Gay appropriation can only be done with people who are dead. People who are alive can kill it just by saying, “Piss off. I’m not gay.” The families of the victims may strongly protest, but in true SJW form, the gay appropriator will then attack the family, the co-stars, the man’s biographer, the staff of the conventions, and of course the fans, with the most hateful accusations.

But this is all beneficial to the gay appropriator/SJW, because you now have a controversy burning hot enough to reach the outside internet. It becomes news that there’s a controversy over Jonathan Frid’s sexuality, everyone’s expected to take up sides on it, and if you don’t support the gay side, you’re going to get some unsavory labels pasted on you. But you can’t paste labels on SJW’s in return, because they have their patented, society approved “Label away.”

“Label away” says “I am right and you are wrong. Therefore, nothing you say will be listened to, because you’re the devil, and nobody should listen to the devil.”

But, anyway, let’s look at the “Undeniable” evidence in this case. The only evidence to suggest that Jonathan Frid might possibly have been gay seems to be that he was once seen at a gay bar and on a gay beach in the company of his openly gay co-star Louis Edmonds. Never mind that Edmonds has been noted for dragging his co-stars to events at his gay hangouts. The fact that Jonathan Frid sometimes accepted such invitations means he must have been gay.

I mean, it’s logical, right? If you’re not gay you’re homophobic. So, if Jonathan Frid was ok around gay people he must have been gay, right? Just like there can’t be any straight furs in Furry Fandom, because they all seem to be ok with hanging out with gay furs. It couldn’t be that some people just don’t give a flip about the sexuality of their friends? No, if you suggest that, you’re homophobic. Such is SJW logic.

By this logic you can technically take any picture that shows Jonathan Frid and Louis Edmonds together and call it proof of being gay.

I’ve never seen Dark Shadows fans or cast members turn on Louis Edmonds for being gay. In fact, cast members seem to have found Louis Edmonds adorable and funny specifically because he was gay. But I imagine this guilt by association crap drives many a Dark Shadows fan buggy. But if pressed for more substantial evidence, you know what the gay appropriator will give you? Gaydar.

That’s right folks, gaydar is an incontrovertible science. And you will then be hit by statements from innumerable gay fans that will insist that Jonathan Frid’s performance on Dark Shadows set off their gaydar. Some will even attest that he awakened them to being gay.

How could that be if he wasn’t gay? Couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the sex symbol character he was playing. Or that his character was called upon by the writers to subdue and control characters of both sexes.

It is actually a well documented fact that women objectified this guy as a sex symbol. It should be no surprise at all if gay guys drooled over him and fantasized that he was gay. It might not even be a surprise if, after 40 odd years, the gay guys who watched the original run of the show remember him best as the way they initially fantasized him.

Now, if any guy who could be said to be attractive to gays could be a gay icon, I don’t think anyone would have a problem with that. You don’t have to be gay to be on The Gay Community’s top ten list of hot male celebrities. But to be a gay icon, you do. Because a gay icon is a person being used to validate the state of being gay. And you would think it would cheapen gay esteem if it were known that a lot of their icons weren’t actually gay. But, if you are gay, according to SJW theory, you are never to give this a second thought.

As for myself, it doesn’t bug me if certain gay fans want to imagine Frid as gay. Hey, whatever floats your boat. If they saw something in his performance that awakened them as gay, great. By all means do celebrate that. But if you walk around in a Dark Shadows fan group proclaiming that the gayness of the man is a proven and well documented fact, some fans will naturally want to curb stomp you, because you’re not the only one whose imagination was personally touched by this guy.

Other people lay claim to him, just as much as you do. And while they will go along with something there is actual proof for, trying to act like your personal fantasies rule the entire fandom and can not be questioned will get you rudely ejected from just about any subculture.

So, in typical SJW fashion, the SJW activists start vilifying the entire fandom as homophobic, totally ignoring or playing down the fact that nobody is denying or saying anything against the other members of the cast who are known to have been gay. But, because the fandom is not prepared to let a television icon be branded gay on the most subjective of evidence, the entire fandom is being attacked and vilified as “The worst fandom ever.”

Well, I’ll admit. I don’t hang out in Dark Shadows Fandom. I’m obsessed with the show itself. And this was a show that went out over a major network, being viewed by millions of people. Therefore, I don’t have any expectation about what the average Dark Shadows fan might be like. I certainly wouldn’t expect to meet anybody there who would relate to me, because I’m weird, even standing out in a field by myself. So I’ve never really felt the need to get together with fans of a show I liked and seek some kind of validation from them.

Well, I did try it once by joining a Doctor Who fan club, but I really didn’t enjoy it. My major fandom involvements have all been with meta-genres like Anime and Furry. And, even though my series, “Spectral Shadows” takes a lot of inspiration from Dark Shadows, I expect Dark Shadows fans would like it even less than Furries like it. When you’re in a fandom for a specific show, you’re expected to be writing fan fiction of that show. Original fiction inspired by the show does not count.

So, having kept my distance because of those assumptions, I really couldn’t tell you if people in Dark Shadows fandom are particularly nice. I would expect a large percentage of them to be my age, and therefore somewhat irritable. But even if it could be shown that they were in fact the worst fandom in the world, I still would not be able to fault them for treating this guy with the maximum rudeness.

And if this guy is going to be so triggered by the rudeness he brings on himself, I would say, “If you feel that way don’t stay in Dark Shadows Fandom. Don’t join any subculture, because there is nowhere you can go that you will not be disagreed with.”

But that’s not acceptable in SJW theory. As far as the Cultural Marxist pseudo Communists are concerned, the fandom that won’t believe what it’s told to believe must be destroyed. And of course the things they demand to be believed are always so ridiculous no one can cope with them.

Still, just to keep the peace, those in charge of fandom events will try to show some support. Consequently there is now this very odd picture of the colorful gay pride flag flying over the strikingly black and white Collinwood mansion. (As if Johnny Depp didn’t do enough damage)

As you can see by the comments on the image, the fandom seems overly supportive and welcoming of it’s gay demographic. The only negative comment is about the guy trying to brand Jonathan Frid as gay. But to hear this guy talk, these same DS fans are just the nastiest bunch of gay haters you could ever encounter. And true to the Cultural Marxist/SJW theory, he has gone so far as to recommend re-education for them, in a major Sci-Fi magazine that he writes for, no less.

Seriously, I’m sure there’s a huge demographic of gay fans in DS Fandom. But rather than going around trying to force something that is at best a suspicion as fact, why not kick back and fire off some gay DS fan fiction? I know why. Because SJW’s usually don’t have any such talents. You have only to look at SJW Marvel Comics to see how devoid of talent they are.

In all likelihood the complaining SJW is not really a DS fan at all, but was probably assigned to it from a list of fandoms marked for destruction. Sound far fetched? Well, there’s about as much evidence for what I just suggested as there is for Jonathan Frid having been gay. So, if we go by SJW theory, accusations don’t need to be proven. The validity of an argument depends on who it’s coming from. The oppressed get to speak and the oppressors must be silenced.

Well, I get 12 out of 100 privilege points. That makes me pretty GD oppressed. So any accusation I throw out there can’t be argued with, even if I don’t really agree with it, which in this case I don’t. I have no reason to think he’s not a real fan. He’s just one of the numerous cracked-brains you meet these days who was raised on “Das Kapital” instead of “How To Win Friends And Influence People.”

Again, I wouldn’t care if Jonathan Frid was proven to be gay. It would not diminish the man in my eyes in the slightest. But like so many people who are attacked in this way by the gay faction of the SJW agenda, the man is no longer around to confirm or deny these allegations. So he’s seen as an easy target, and fans feel a natural compulsion to defend their lost hero against anything being attached to him that might be false.

Besides, if Frid had wanted his sexuality to be a matter of public discussion, he lived well into the era where “Coming out” wouldn’t have hurt him in the least. But instead he remained a sexually ambiguous actor who was pretty much married to the theater. If that was how he wished to be seen in life, what reason is there to assume he’d want to be seen any other way by history?

The character he played, that’s a different thing. I’m sure Frid thought it was all well and good for people to imagine Barnabas in any way that made them happy, and I’m sure there’s a crap-ton of gay Dark Shadows fan fiction out there for people to enjoy. I don’t see any way DS fandom could be exclusionary towards gays.

And again, if you need a gay hero in the Dark Shadows cast, Louis Edmonds was an undeniably gay man who knew how to enjoy being gay in times when gay was simply not talked about in polite circles. Why not jump all over him as a gay icon? For that matter, there’s also Joel Crothers, who was one of the early victims of AIDS.

In a show with a cast as large as that one had over its 1225 episodes, there’s bound to be a GBLT percentage in the cast, but this is not satisfying to the gay SJW. He must attack the main icon with the flimsiest of evidence, and sit back, calling everyone homophobes for not going along with it. And in the process, creating a rift in the fandom so wide that the whole thing will fall apart.

Anyway, good luck to DS Fandom in putting down this BS and saving their fandom from the fate so many other fandoms have suffered.

It Looks Like A Civil War To Me by Perri Prinz

Today I had occasion to weigh in on the Magnus Diridian controversy in a closed group on Facebook. For those who don’t know, this is about the guy who created Arkansas, a fursuit character with a confederate flag (or General Lee) pattern, and is sometimes seen walking around with a pro-Trump sign as part of his act.

I wasn’t really surprised at the hateful, bigoted comments coming from the furs who don’t like this guy. It’s par for the course these days. But, you know, that’s still not ok. And I think it’s time a lot of people in this modern world were ripped a knew one, and told to their faces just how stupid they are. The following response may be considered my first contribution to that cause.

I don’t know if anyone has brought this up before, but has anyone stopped watching reruns of The Dukes Of Hazard because they find the car offensively racist? (Actually you can’t even watch that show anymore, which is one of the things Arkansas was created to protest.)

Has anyone considered condemning anyone who comes from The South as racist? This flag does not represent racism. It represents identification with a certain area of the country.

All this picture is saying is The South supports Trump. I don’t know if that statement is true or not, and I don’t think that’s the point the fursuiter is trying to make. I think the statement being made here is that, if you automatically assume people from The South, (or people who support Trump) are racist, then you’re the one that’s displaying prejudice and ignorance. And the more hateful you are in your condemnation of the image, the more ignorant and bigoted you make yourself look.

This could be called trolling the SJW’s, or you could call it a good old-fashioned artistic statement. Either way I think this is something that’s needed. We need to have our own prejudices challenged. We need to be encouraged to look deeper than the surface of things. We need to stop acting like a country full of fragile snowflakes, scared to death of our own culture and history.

The South existed and still exists. Get over it. That’s why the confederate flag is still around and still widely used. Seriously, are you going to start burning Lynyrd Skynyrd records and banning them from the radio because they used this flag on their album covers and concerts? Are you going to condemn Southern Rock as a racist music genre just because it references The South? Hell, why stop there? You could ban Country Music all together as the music of Rednecks. And then you can have Antifa show up to try to shut down Jeff Foxworthy performances.

You might think I’m being facetious here. But America has already gone so far off the deep end that no one would ever have believed Americans could be so stupid. Why now should anyone put any extent of stupidity past you?

Growing up in the MD/VA/PA/DC area in the 70’s, The Confederate Flag was a common sight. There was no controversy about it. There was not even that much controversy about Nazis. It was not at all uncommon to see planes sporting full Nazi symbolism at air shows, and no one was triggered. And even today, you Anime geeks see Imperial Japanese imagery every day, and you’re not triggered.

As I mentioned above, The Confederate Flag fronted an entire genre of music, which was not at all controversial. Southern Rock was considered uniquely American, the end product of all music considered to be indigenous to America, much of that music having been the invention of black people. Indeed, as Billy Joel once suggested, there is no American music that does not have black people at the root of it.

Much of 70’s Rock that has stood the test of time, whether it was made by American or UK artists, was a direct homage to said black people. And that is, to a great extent, why those black people are remembered so well today.

Well, I should say, remembered as well as they are. Because I don’t think the typical SJW knows anything about music history. To them, what Led Zeppelin and Eric Clapton did with the music of Robert Johnson was “Cultural Appropriation.” Something the UN is currently considering making a crime worthy of jail time.

In other words, if you’re black, you’re not an American. You’re not related to anybody else in this country. You are a segregated group that has to make everything for itself. And no matter how good what you make is, nobody else can use it.

I don’t think this country was ever that stupid, or that racist. I mean, that is carrying racism to an extreme that would be impossible to practice. How are they going to prevent people from being influenced by the people of other colors and distinctions they live with?

Well there are only two possible ways to do that. One is complete segregation. Everyone is forced to live in a special reservation for their particular distinction, in which they can have no contact with anybody else. Total racism.

And the other way is to destroy all distinctions through interbreeding. So that there are no white Americans, no black Americans, no Jewish Americans, no Muslim Americans. Universal genocide.

Again this would seem almost impossible to pull off. But when I suddenly look around and realize I’m not seeing a heck of a lot of white people in this part of the country, I begin to wonder if somebody isn’t determined to give it their best shot.

I don’t for one minute believe this sudden embracing of SJW BS is an accidental and uncalculated thing. I mean, seriously, the opposition party is in power. It should be hard as hell for SJW’s to get any support, particularly while openly flying greatly offensive Communist flags. But you’re not allowed to condemn Communist flags in the hands of American SJW’s, even though a more open and shut case of cultural appropriation I never saw.

You can take your pick of the conspiracy theories that have been predicting this BS for over a century, and decide for yourself who you want to blame it on, but it’s generally pretty obvious that we’ve been getting screwed by somebody for a very long time, and just letting it slide. So much so that people are now saying it’s too late to care. We let freedom slip away and we’re never going to get it back again.

But, you know what? That’s BS propaganda too, meant to inspire complacent submission. Submission to what? Communism, apparently. Or something even worse, being as SJW’s understand Communism about as well as they understand anything else.

So, what do Americans traditionally do in a situation like this? Yep, they wrap themselves in The Confederate Flag and go out to make a protest.

Why The Confederate Flag? Why not The Stars And Stripes? Maybe because, to a lot of people, myself included, The Stars And Stripes has come to represent everything I regard as bad about America; it’s crooked politics, it’s bad government, it’s class policies and unrepentant worship of the root of all evil. The people of America have come to look on The Stars And Stripes as the emblem of their oppressors. And that is exactly the reason Magnus Diridian gives for the creation of Arkansas. It’s a rebellion against the tyranny represented by The Stars And Stripes.

And, of course, Magnus is not the only one in the fandom doing this. Foxler doesn’t have to keep taking flack for his armband. He could have dropped the armband as soon as the first complaint came in about it. But he’s like, “No, I’m sick of people trying to control my identity. I’m guaranteed freedom as an American and I’m going to demand they make good on it.”

So, if you’re an American with any love for your own freedom at all, thank your lucky stars for people like Magnus and Foxler who are willing to go out in the world, putting their own tails on the line, to stick it to the thieves who are making off with your freedoms every day.

And while you’re at it, be proud of Furry Fandom, which has such people in it. And screw the staff of Anthrocon, The Colorado Furs Group, Dogpatch Press, Deo Taz Devil’s branch of Antifa, SJW’s in general and any other Furry group or establishment that supports the agenda of Communists while trying to tear down the heroes of this fandom.

Yes, we have a Civil War in Furry Fandom. It was forced on us, and we will either deal with it, or be forever oppressed if these despicable Communists are allowed to hold sway. We are a microcosm of what is happening to the country, and if one fandom will stand to shut Communism down, it may inspire whoever is attacked next to not waste as much time as we have recognizing our enemies and dealing with them.

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Link to statement by Magnus Diridian