Anime Review: Ghost Stories

Scooby Doo this isn’t…we all know Scooby Doo a gang of teens hunting down mysteries and sometimes ghosts. In this fowl mouth, and sometime insulting comedy to the sensitive types. The characters come across as either a slut, a jew, a religious fanatic, a horny bastard, and lastly someone who is mentally challenged. There pet is a cat whose body is taken over by a demon, who wouldn’t mind seeing these kids dead.

Sounds fun, it is every episode is great you just wish it ran longer. Check out the 1st episode below and see if you don’t agree

Reason Why I Support Retro Games

What get me sometimes I see people spend literally $$$$ to pay what to me are clearly rip offs of games you can find anywhere else for what maybe $10 and another $50 for whatever device you need to run them on, or do it on your phone for free.

Lets take 2 of the more popular games on Social Media.

Farmville, yes Farmville the farming sim. I admit I played this up until a point I realize that this game was a rip off of Harvest Moon.

This is what PS1 gamers saw

Isn’t this better than anything you see on social media? Plus you get the added advantage of all the extra content is included.

Next up is Staked this is the PSP version

I think this look better than what you get on Poker Kings and that you have to pay for.

Kathy Griffin Got Into Trouble over This

Here is the photo that sparked the controversy over Kathy Griffin and people saying it goes to far. Frankly I see nothing wrong with it and my only complaint it doesn’t go far enough….besides it is clearly a fake head.

Furry Gallery

by Syntarsis

by Alex Spastic

by Alex Spastic

by Alex Spastic

So What is A Social Justice Warrior?

With all the talk you see on social media and the confusion over what the fuck are SJWs anyway. I think it’s time for a reasonable explanation of what one is exactly….also why some call me a Social Justice Warrior behind my back.

Bill Kieffer on a recent post on Facebook I thought put it best.

There isn’t an organized SJW. It’s just a dirty word conservatives use to belittle people. Hardly anyone called a SJW really thinks of themselves that way.

In basic terms if you disagree with someone they are a SJW, or a communist or a Nazi. You know someone recently actually called me both a communist and a Nazi. Did you know that is impossible, they are on opposite ends of a political teeter totter to place it into basic terms, and to be both is impossible.

I believe in what I believe in, and nothing will ever change that. You want to know what that is…

Furries should treat everyone fairly

Don’t judge someone because of a label thrown at them.

Ranting on at someone on YouTube makes you look crazy to some.

Next time your at a furmeet or a con and you see someone looking lonely talk to them.

Now I ask you does that sound crazy, or like I am hater…no. I believe a lot of us and I included myself in this are sometimes in a rush to judge someone because of what we hear or see. But keep in mind that info could be false, and people only whine about something to get attention.

Here is a hardcore fact that hasn’t changed since I started this blog. I have read every email and comment ever sent to me. Out of that I have to determine what is a real comment or message. But also what is spam, if I made a mistake I apologize. But I won’t post hate messages here.

An Update

In a previous post I sent an open invitation to Sonious to post something here, countering my decision about a comment I didn’t allow. Like I figured not a word, not a message period. I think that speaks louder than anything I could ever post on YouTube.