Princess Karanam and The Djinn of The Green Jug Review and Download

Really the story of Princess Karanam is right out of the Tails of Arabian Nights

Princess both bored and lonely finds genie wishes to fulfill her sexual desires, but once that Genie is free after she askes for her 3rd wish things go wrong and she is in need of rescuing. For an NSFW furry comic, I say it’s pretty good. Even to say if you want a more adult version of Aladdin it’s really worth checking out.

Overall I give it 8/ 10

You can view and download Princess Karanam and The Djinn of The Green Jug here.

Furry Times April – July 2018 Review

I know this sounds weird that there is an South Africa version of my blog. Not really this version of Furry Times is published by a group of Furries in South Africa. I gave them permission to use Furry Times as a symbol that furries should always get along.

Since this is there 2nd issue (The first being published back in 2016) I decided to give it a review and share it with my readers.


April July PDF Link

First Issue

Overall it’s a great magazine I loved the article on MFF 2017, and the article that tells how to illuminate fursuits was quite informative. With the various stuff they cover you soon realize that there is a lot to the fandom. Old vs. new, games, other cons, local events, etc.. Really I gave then high marks for there efforts and making it available for free shows you what kind of furries your dealing with. Real nice ones.

10/10 Keep up the good work

Genus issue 43 Review and Download

Anthony by Greg Bear

Anthony is an anteater in need of job, after having no luck returns home only finding is landlady demanding her rent. Feeling down he takes his clothes off and goes to bed only to discover what that long tongue of his can do. Which nearly gets him into trouble with his landlord. The next day he gets a job at a laundromat, and wouldn’t you know it the first bag of clothes to be washed contained his cum. Very funny, I enjoyed everything.

Collars and Cuffs by Robin Lane, Dennis Clark & Joyceanna Brock

Really an interesting tale, a accident at a convince store leads to the arrest of the one trying to rob it. The female officer really don’t thinks she deserves all that fame let alone the medal of valor. I love how the artists handle such a dilemma. Great work

Don & Kat: Dream On by Karri Arnon

Finally Don and Kat goes to bed, and not for sleeping. Only to turn out it’s a drawing. 2 paws way up.

Demon Hunter Ernest by The Brothers Grimm

Even for a sex comic this one had me laughing my ass off. A father wants his son to take over the family business and that is hunting demons. Well lets say things don’t go as planned and his son winds up having sex with a female demon who then later wants more…even if it is from a priest. Excellent

You can both view and Download Genus issue 43 here

Just wanted to let all you Genus fans this will be the last Genus posted. Reasons are simple it is possible to find the following issues on the Radio Comix site

Genus Male Issue 2 Review and Download

PB & Jay The Morning After by Daria McGrain

Gay sex in the morning

The Fitting Room by John Bartlett

Gay sex in a fitting room

Love Potion Cliche #9 by Daria McGrain, Michael Vega

Magic and gay sex

Really folks it’s not that I have any problem with the LGBT community. It’s just that these comics really have zero plot, and only a set up and that’s it.

You can find Genus Male issue 2 here

Genus issue 40 Review and Download

Crash Bunny Vs. Frubinox The Invader by Mark Moore

Seriously one of the wildest comics I ever seen. First of all we have this superhero named Crash Bunny. It seems she is reminded by her roommate that they need groceries. Next thing we see is that the market is being invaded by aliens. Once Crash Bunny tries to figure out what is going on. It seems those aliens are sex straved and are willing to cancell the invasion for sex with Crash Bunny. Completely wild and pure fun.

Collars and Cuffs by Robin Lane, Dennis Clark & Joyceanna Brock

A Mindless adventure at work and the beach. I think I rather read a history book.

Don & Kat: Poofs ATTA Pool by Karri Aronen

Another truly great comic which tells of a trip to the pool where the male runs in to gays in the locker room. Everything is pure fun, on top of that it turns out he is drawing the whole thing. A must see.

The Pond Hot Pursuit by Richard Moore

Maybe you can figure this one out I can’t it is about this couple on a high speed run from the cops while having sex. Yep that is the plot, makes no sense to me either.

To view and download Genus 40 click here

Genus issue 37 Review and Download

Guests of Honor by James Hardiman

James Hardiman really out did himself in this comic where in he brings his trio of female skunks to a fur con. In which they soon take over like offering sex for every 5th comic sold. Also a live example of furry anatomy. Simply GREAT.

Things I found While Yahooeying by Roz Ginson

Yet another great comic it’s nothing more than a guy on his PC finding weird shit online. You know like we all do, that warning message at the end is a real hoot.

Piggy’s Pleasure Place by T. Gimmer

Okay labor complaints from his strippers/whores that has to been seen to be believed

The Masked Marauder by Kjartan Arnorsson

Oversize dicks is what this one can be best described as and nothing more.

Shear Erotic by Dark Natasha

A sheep is sheared by a dog in this no text comic. It is about the sexist and most erotic comic I frankly have ever seen. I really had to take a cold shower after seeing this one.

You can both view and download Genus 37 Here

Genus 36 Review and Download

Moving Violations by Paul Kidd & Mitch Beito

A very enjoyable comic about these 2 women racing down the street at 300+ MPH on their hoverbikes. Next in this wildly funny funny comic the brave police officer makes a vow to capture them. After one of the wildest chase scenes I have ever seen, the officer wipes out, and the women make their escape. We do see them later naked ready for lesbian love.

And Now a Word From Our Sponsors by Mike Higgs & Jay Naylor

We see an ad for Vita Boob, where this woman is examining all of it’s benefits. Then a guy (a fox centaur hybrid) comes up and takes some and after he finds out it’s perminant the fun begins. This comic is very fun, especially next we see what is happening at Vita Boob HQ

Bird in The Hand by Bill Fitts

A comic about masterbation. One joke and not a good one.

Raw Sex by Kjartan Arnorsson

I found it very similar to another comic that artist did previously on oversize sexual organs and sex. One joke and not a good one.

To view and or download click here