Genus issue 37 Review and Download

Guests of Honor by James Hardiman

James Hardiman really out did himself in this comic where in he brings his trio of female skunks to a fur con. In which they soon take over like offering sex for every 5th comic sold. Also a live example of furry anatomy. Simply GREAT.

Things I found While Yahooeying by Roz Ginson

Yet another great comic it’s nothing more than a guy on his PC finding weird shit online. You know like we all do, that warning message at the end is a real hoot.

Piggy’s Pleasure Place by T. Gimmer

Okay labor complaints from his strippers/whores that has to been seen to be believed

The Masked Marauder by Kjartan Arnorsson

Oversize dicks is what this one can be best described as and nothing more.

Shear Erotic by Dark Natasha

A sheep is sheared by a dog in this no text comic. It is about the sexist and most erotic comic I frankly have ever seen. I really had to take a cold shower after seeing this one.

You can both view and download Genus 37 Here