Thursday, June 22, 2017 Court Throws Out Feds’ Misguided Policy Limiting Prosecution of Killers of Endangered Wildlife

Wild Earth Guardians is reporting

Because of the defective policy, the government declined to prosecute people who killed protected species, including critically endangered Mexican wolves, gray wolves like ‘Echo’ the Grand Canyon wolf—who was shot by a coyote hunter—whooping cranes, condors, and grizzly bears.

At least there is some good news

Col. Pud’s Single Shot from 1981 review and download

Col. Pud’s Single Shot is great from cover to cover. It features anthro art with a style and a sense of humor you rarely see in today’s comics, let alone a furry fanzine from 1981.

But it also holds a mystery, it seems it was published for something called Denvercon. Which after repeated searches I found nothing on, and have asked the Greymuzzle community at large to see what they know. But for now it’s a mystery.

Col. Pud’s Single Shot