Review and Link to Karno’s Klassics #34

Call this what this is a comic/ art book featuring Kjartan Arrnosson’s charater a female anthro elephant named Two Ton Tina. I really loved the unnamed comic in the start of the issue where Tina gets shurnk down to a tiny size for a horny alien. Tina then kicks his butt literally by giving his UFO a good kick. Excellent issue.

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Review of Karno’s Klassics #35

Really I am unsure what Kjartan Arrnosson was going for in this issue. Apparently it was used to create a new series called “Porno Babies”. Which is about 9 young men and women who have fun having sex and being naked. Except in this issue which is 100% SFW features 9 short comics featuring one of these so called “Porno Babies”.

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Bestairy #19

SFW Anthro Art

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Karno’s Klassics #38

NSFW anthro female art

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Review and download of Karno’s Klassics #39

The subtitle of this issue is called Bizarre Wars and it is, I swear it is next to impossible to do this semi SFW issue a fair review because that comic within is beyond weird, it is basically Kjartan welcoming a new co artist Diana Harlen Stien then things get weird when the characters go crazy. All I can say if you like weird bizarre stories or is a fan of Kjartan Arnorsson you will simply love it.

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Review and download link to Bestiary #10

This issue contains SFW art which ranges from good to average. You also get 3 comics, first up is Hornless Odyssey by Scott Alston which is a so so space adventure of love and hate. The final 2 are Red Shetland about the funny side of medieval times by which I think are by John Groat and Taral Wayne as it is nearly impossible to read the signatures. These are great.

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Review and download link to Anthropomorphic Romance #9

Really there isn’t much to this issue NSFW art that more appears to be animals forms overlapped on human bodies. There is a comic but there is no point to even mentioning the plot because it’s all sex.

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