5000 Fans of Dr. T issue 02 review

Really in this issue filled with random art, I say the cover is the best thing about this issue.

5000 Fans issue 2 here

5000 Fans of Dr. T issue 00

It’s sad when you can say this one fanzine has a lot of random art and that’s it

Link to the fanzine

Vootie issue 13 review and download

This issue of Vootie is different it has actual full length, multiple page comics which I will review now.

Law’s Cause by Gary Whitney
Is a story about 2 lawyers who are as crooked as their clients. Both in which involve bank robbers. One advises to kill his ex partner, while the other advises to bury the loot. It ends happily for the 1st lawyer though who winds up to be the only survivor in a shooting that kills 3 of them. Don’t you love happy endings. Pure fun.

Meanwhile in another Rowrbrazzle insert

They do a spoof on a classic comic character

Elasticman but in this case

Elasticat by D/L Whitney, Linda Siros, and Al Siros

Our hero seems to gained his powers after smoking some pot gained from a band member which he is apart of, which puts him in the hospital. But no one realizes what happened to him at first. It really isn’t until someone is shot at a bar that he uses his newfound powers.

Frankly this is better than the original comic, 10/10

New Job by Raymond Allard

A man has a job shoveling horse shit and winds up doing the same thing after speaking to his boss. Excellent satire

Then there is a couple of 1 page comics all are quite good. I would even go as far as to say typical Vootie style…get the laugh out as fast as you can.

Then there is

Adventures of Omaha by Reed Waller

Omaha did gain fame in later years for a combo of good story, excellent art, and interesting plot this 3 part really gives you a taste why some rave about the comic.

Nosmo King by D. Wolf

On the other hand just about average for a guy who wants to be king

Then there are a couple of more 1 page comics who are frankly better than Nosmo.

Check Vootie 13 out here

Vootie issue 12 review and download

I know I should be reviewing each of the 10+ comics included in this issue. But really except for a few most of them are just 1 page, and even then it’s in the typical Vootie style. Get the laugh out as fast as you can.

In general it’s a good issue, the comics are funny, the articles interesting. But there was 1 thing that surprised me. It seems one of the very 1st furry fanzine Rowrbrazzle has a sneak preview in this issue. Which I find interesting since according to Wikifur the very first official issue of Rowrbrazzle didn’t come out until 6 years later.

All I can say if you want a good laugh check it out even if you don’t download it.
Vootie 12

Col. Pud’s Single Shot from 1981 review and download

Col. Pud’s Single Shot is great from cover to cover. It features anthro art with a style and a sense of humor you rarely see in today’s comics, let alone a furry fanzine from 1981.

But it also holds a mystery, it seems it was published for something called Denvercon. Which after repeated searches I found nothing on, and have asked the Greymuzzle community at large to see what they know. But for now it’s a mystery.

Col. Pud’s Single Shot

Furversion issue 06 Review and Download

Furverted Info by Kylm Granger

Covers what was going on in the fandom back in 1988 other fanzines, art and what conventions were taking place. Interesting to see what was going on back then.

Special Feature by Noel Tominack

Tells of what work the author has been up to, makes you wonder if he is still doing furry tuff.

We’re All Bozos on This Bus by Kay Shapero

Tells of an imaginative journey to the stars with different alien races. Very well done. In the end they get drunk and have sex.

Featured Furry featuring Granger Starcat and Klym Granger

Which I can only assume is a preview to a work in progress of some kind.

Escape part 1 by Sharon Von Otter

Tells of a project to give animals the same intelligence as humans. and of what went wrong. I could get into more detail but I have no idea if any other parts still survive to this day.

Caught in The Act by Celon The Fox

Which is a nice story of a sexual encounter and food is definitely involved in the plot. Really a bit of fun.

The Seat of The Problem by Sylys Sable

Yet another story about s exual encounter and a lot of corny butt jokes. Okay at best.

The issue is filled with art that is for the most part good. Some of the work in NSFW.

You can find Furversion issue 06 here

Vootie issue 15.5 Review and Download

Like all issues of Vootie I have see 15.5 is no exception. They are filled with funny random comics that pokes fun at whatever was going on back then. So if you want a chuckle or a laugh check it out

Vootie issue 15.5 Here