Play Bunny issue 01 Review and Download

In short female furry art, and as you might of guessed…furry porn. Which surprisingly there is very little of.

The art ranges depending on the artist and it’s more a matter of taste than anything else.

You can view and Download Play Bunny issue 01 here

Xtra Spicy Tails issue 6 Review and Download

Leticia’s Latex Dream by Rhea SFW

2 female vampires Leticia and Caudette has this friend who is a mad scientist who created a perfume that makes anyone addicted to latex. Then they start an ad campaign to sell a perfume called Latex Madness. Eventually Leticia runs for president and wins. Silly and pure fun

The Cute Bears in “Crazy Cwuze” by Alfonso NSFW

2 just in their fur female bears are looking for a free vacation, a horny male weasel arranges for one after a BJ. Eventually the female bears find their criuse which sadly turns out to be on a cargo ship which soon become a floating orgy. But when the ship wrecks because of a storm. The female bears wash ashore on a lonely desert island. Only inhabited by mem and it turns in to a NSFW version of Robinson Crusoe. Which makes it awkward when the bears finally get rescued and there men for everyday of the week wants to come along with them and not just Friday.

A Tale of Tails

A psudeo PSA of demostraiting of how some toons have a tail in their ass.

Garbanzee The Spider in “Nice to Have a Mouse Around The House”

When a spider complains that a mouse has moved in to the neighborhood. He goes off to complain but when he finds out that she is a female. Orgies rule the day. Fun and funny, until he ties her up and drags her home.

The last thing in the issue are a couple of SFW art.

Overall very good, both sexy and funny

Link to both view and download

Ablaze issue 02 – View and Download

This issue is kinda unique it has 2 front covers, and 2 totally different main stories. The entire issue is SFW.

1st up is “Dream of Space”; closely followed by Space: The Final Frontier

As one is just the set up for the second story I’ll cover that first.

It’s basically a furry paradoy of Star Trek then throw in a game of Space Invaders and you got it. Next they get around to classic horror, werewolves, vampires etc. Then we discover it was just a dream, ideas for an upcoming masquerade party. Then a confusing moment where apparently the artist stepps in and is threatend at gun point. Okay a best.

The Syndi Cats & Co. in: “The Jammed Jar”
Yes an entire 2 page comic where the characters try and open a jar of olives. As you might of guessed totally lame.

Olsen & The Syndicats in: “Encounter of the 2nd Time”

Olsen and Jenny were feeling bored so they jump into a pipe to travel to a future time and wind up landing on someone who was about to set a record for blowing smoke rings.

Then all 4 of them (including the camera person) just missed getting captured by the FBI and make their way to a restaurant. They then steal that vechicle the FBI agents were driving as the FBI soon follows as this was a set up by them.

In the last page they literally explain how they made their escape and of how Jenny and Olsen made their way home. In a single word, LAME

You can both view and download Ablaze issue 2 here

Review/ Download Foxfire Odyssey Issue 01

Basically it is a 16 page origin story told as short as possible and gives you a preview of the villain The Dark Child. It’s hard to judge a piece like this because it was meant to be a companion piece with the start of the tale but there isn’t any and really don’t know if I will ever come across one. For that reason I give the artist A for effort.

You can find Foxfire issue 1 here

Touch 2 Review and Download

Sorry it’s a while just trying to deal with the loss of 2 friends


The Peppermint Demon by Watts Martin
Cat and Bird by Frank Gembeck
Homeward Bound by Ann Franchi
Relia by Jefferson Swycaffer

There really isn’t much to say except all I can say about the stories that they were okay at best there isn’t a single one that stood out.

Really except for a few pieces of furry art there isn’t much to say about this fanzine which came out in 1992

Click here to both view and download Touch issue 2

5000 Fans of Dr. T issue 02 review

Really in this issue filled with random art, I say the cover is the best thing about this issue.

5000 Fans issue 2 here

5000 Fans of Dr. T issue 00

It’s sad when you can say this one fanzine has a lot of random art and that’s it

Link to the fanzine