Review and Download of Roxikat Myah by John Barrett

I have to admit readers this is being posted under unusual circumstances and for reasons you will soon discover and why I am making this statement.

This whole thing began simply because a reader like you was looking for a copy of “The Care and Feeding of Your Roxikat by John Barrett”. It turned out to be a portfolio but except for the cover posted below that is all I found.

It was through the Greymuzzle group on Facebook that I was able to find the artist and someone with a copy. The one with a copy would not share if anything they ignored the messages I sent them and the same with the artist John Barrett. Who seemly only reply to both my request and permission to post Roxikat Myah. But it seems this John Barret wanted nothing to with his earlier work. I kid you not that is what they really posted. So I gave John Barrett a deadline which is today Aug 1, 2018, that if I did not hear back I would post it and here it is.

Now for Roxikat Myah, it starts out when the artist wanted to have their own way with the character they created then it slowly turns into a Star Trek-like story. I know it is cut short, but this was all that was available.

Although not the greatest furry comic I ever read, although not the worse either.

Overall 4/ 10

You can both view and download Roxikat Myah here

1 thought on “Review and Download of Roxikat Myah by John Barrett”

  1. Hey! I’m the guy that was looking for the “How To Take Care of Your Roxikat” portfolio. My name is Catligula ( ) I’ve been looking for the portfolio because I’m a big fan of John Barrett and his work and it’s a folio of his I’ve never been able to see. I love his old stuff. He had more anime influences back then. His new stuff isn’t too bad though. I just like the whole idea of anime furries. I don’t know why he wants nothing to do with it now though. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. I think it still looks great!

    And I’m absolutely in love with his creation, Roxikat. IMO she’s the sexiest furry I’ve ever seen in my life! I do recolors of her on my FA page. I wish I could draw as good as John could but I can’t. I still wanted to show my love for his work and the character of Roxi so I figured I’d take his B&W sketches and add color to them. Make Roxi look beautiful!

    Anyway, I hope to one day find that lost folio. I recently bought the Roxikat Archive CD-ROM and I’m gonna see if it’s on it. I’ll see if I can post it if I find it.

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