Review of Cold Blood Fatal Fables by Bill Kieffer (Spoiler Warning)

The book is divided into 7 different stories

Welcome to Aesop’s World

Which is an explanation of why and how this was written but also an explanation of the world itself? Which is very similar to our own world, but yet there are distinct differences which become apparent as each story unfolds.


Detective Shepherd is a member of the New Amsterdam Police Dept. A man who lives by his own rules. Written very much in the style of Mickey Spillane, wherein the detective punishes the guilty, making sure the innocent go free by any means they deem necessary. Set in the early 20th century. Life isn’t easy, crime occurs every single day. But when it’s your own nephew, by a woman who could very easily of been his own wife, and that it was only because of a war wound that left him sterile that this missing kid could of very much been his own.

Then throw in a cult, whose money and influence has protected them from accusations that they are behind most of the crime that takes place in this city and you got the makings of a truly great story.

The child his own brother’s son being the 7th son of the 7th son was kidnapped, Detective Shepherd knows this child is going to die a horrible death. His pure desperation as he tracks down the clues that lead him to a warehouse where this monstrous deed is to take place. The story had me on the edge of my seat wondering will they survive more than once as they both struggle to survive the horrors of this cult.

With his hands more like bloody stumps in the last ditch effort to survive Detective Shepherd turns his gun over to this child shows you how desperate things have gotten as the story nears its’ conclusion.

I know I am leaving a lot out, including whether or not they actually survive. But I beg of you that if you are a fan of hardcore detective stories you will absolutely love this story.

Brooklyn Blackie And the Dude-Less Dude Ranch

It’s 1945 a second great war has only recently ended. Enter Brooklyn Blackie, a Private Investigator who is equally driven to finding out the truth as he is about his own passions. Knowing he needs to find a wife and settle down with a kid or two. But sometimes his gay passions get the better of him, as he misses his old love Phil more than he likes to admit, as often as he slips into repeated gay liaisons.

Brooklyn Blackie takes on a missing person case, namely Mrs. Angelia Moorehead, A rich Komodo dragon from New Amsterdam. Eventually, the case takes him to Las Vegas, where we learn more not only about those who live in this world, but their secrets as well. But it isn’t until he meets a male prostitute named Cecil that the case turns downright fascinating. The twists and turns that this case eventually takes, I swear you will not see coming until it is all revealed.

As an admitted fan of mysteries, one who has seen 100s if not 1000s of mysteries. I swear on Agatha Christe I did not see it coming, and to talk about it any further would, in my opinion, ruin the story.

This is one of the best mysteries I have ever seen.

I guess the only thing I can add if you love mysteries you have to read this.

Brooklyn Blackie And The Rainbow In The Dark

It begins when Kelsey Onyx is murdered as he is about to see Brooklyn Blackie. In an effort to save Mr. Onyx life Brooklyn Blackie winds up covered in the victim’s blood. It is only after Inspector McDonald arrives with the Police. That he takes Blackie home that we learn he has finally settled down with a woman named Blanch.

This same Inspector has Blackie dress up like he studies the particular brand of faith that both Mr. and Mrs. Onyx follows and this is where the story takes a very interesting turn. The deeper they look into this particular version of faith the more family secrets that are revealed. Like what happened to Mrs. Onyx’s first husband, and how that related to the death of her children.

Then suddenly Blackie being accused of blackmail and murder, and what was in that footlocker Mrs. Onyx tossed, only makes the story even better. As it hides the true reason why Kelsey Onyx was murdered.

Once again I will not spoil the end, except to say “The Truth Is Out There”… in that footlocker.

Brooklyn Blackie And The Unappetizing Menu

This is a strange case of how Brooklyn Blackie wanting to get is ‘Lucky’ shoes shined by an old friend ‘Dice’ to hopefully impress a very important hopefully new client, one Mr. Kimbal, a rabbit who owns Equine Standard. One of the city’s larger insurance companies, as well as the owner of many tenements. When Blackie suddenly discovers that his friend is dead along with 35 other dead repts in a building that they seemly all occupy. All of them frozen to death this is despite coal being delivered to the building, but for some yet unexplained reason is now missing. The same could be said about a missing pregnant cat, and the building owner Mr. Kimbal wanting to find out what the hell happened. Could this have happened all because of a real estate development? That Mr. Kimbal had refused to be apart of was connected to all of this? Was that coal, really coal or something much more sinister?

But when Brooklyn Blackie checks out North Harlem Coal, which was contracted to make a delivery suddenly everything begins to fall in to place. The missing driver one Chris Kirby, who once took the company’s secretary to a secret restaurant hidden in an ice house, which served something called Soupe A LA Torture.

Really ever since Zootopia came out, I am sure there was something in the back of our minds. That was something only vores were seemly talking about. What do you do if you crave the flesh of another species? You know it would be run by a criminal element that not even “Mr. Big” would even be a part of. Replace Mr. Big with Ricky a long time friend, and kinda a boss himself. You got the set up for the ending that you hope was going to happen.

I have to give it to the author for making the places where the “Livestock” was kept so close to the Infamous Death Camps of Nazi Germany even I was creeped out.

The ending was very satisfying, as it tied up all the of loose ends. Thankfully both Dice and the pregnant cat Ms. Montgomery survived this ordeal but not unscared. Like most of the eyewitnesses to the horrors of WW2.

I won’t reveal the end, as it will spoil the story. But I do hope those who joke about being a Nazi reads this story, then go on to learn more about the absolute nightmares that were WW2. The author respected history, and the main character Brooklyn Blackie going through flashbacks as he relives the nightmares he witnessed, gave respect to those survived the real thing as none of them were ever really the same again.

Brooklyn Blackie And The Reverse Badger Game

It was a case of heartburn that brings Brooklyn Blackie to a soda shop. While waiting for his order, he sits and goes through the details of a case brought to him by Equine Standard. It was about a series of ‘Smash and Grab’ robberies at jewelry stores. All of them seem to be very much alike, the cases were smashed and the jewels were stolen except for one where the criminal who turned out to be a rhino.

Seeking help Brooklyn Blackie now heads down to the River Rat to see if Ricky can help him out. But by the time he gets there he has a feeling he may have used his association with Ricky perhaps way too many times, he gets this feeling that Rick’s associates may have thought that Brooklyn Blackie was in control over Ricky, instead of the other way around which is how they wanted it.

Getting the crap beaten out of him by Ricky’s thugs made that point very clear. Along with getting tied up and literally raped by Ricky and his associate Ray made the point very clear. Brooklyn Blackie knew things could have lead to his death. But instead, he was used as a whore and losing his claws.

I think he never appreciated Blanch more was when he came home, and helped him into the shower. The sex they had was wonderful, it seemed to clear his head.

The conversation he later had with Blanch about the robberies, she had one clue he frankly never thought about. Which then lead to a glass company and the recovery of the jewels stolen.

It wasn’t an exciting end but it was very realistic. Like Brooklyn Blackie said, “Insurance companies don’t care about convictions”.

Unbalanced Scales

We start out as a tale of 2 brothers, Frosty Pines who is a roadie for his Kudzu and his band “Knights of St. George”. The story tells of what it is like when a band starts to become famous. The drugs, the whores, the deals that must be made. But when Kudzu is shot, and their parents arrive at the hospital. That is where this story shines, dark secrets are revealed and who is this Dr. Ice anyway?

Frankly, we get the best ending of all the stories and you won’t see it coming. It totally blew me away, as it was something (No spoilers Here) I really did not expect. It does reveal who did shoot Kudzu, but once you know you will feel sadness for the shooter. If I ever tell you why I know it would simply spoil the entire novel.

You have to get a copy and read for yourself why that is so.

How does all 7 stories rate as a whole? In a word Magnificent!!! I read some of the best detective stories I have ever seen, heard or read. But I really think Unbalanced Scales is the best story of them all.

A clear 10/ 10