With an Observation on Reproductive/Attraction Differences between Dragons and Humans here is Casey Thomas Lehman

Casey Thomas Lehman is a fantastic author who writes about dragons. Here is his view on differences between our 2 species.

What causes initial attraction in humans? Bluntly put, the male and female sex hormones. Oestrogen and Testosterone. This is what cause the initial attraction. But, what if a specie was biologically hard-wired to be far different than humans?

The initial attraction for dragons, at least in my own series, is heavily reliant on how much Oxytocin a potential partner causes a male/female to produce. Also known as the “love hormone” or “cuddle hormone”, this chemical is released when the dragon/dragoness in question shows concern, compassion and kindness for a potential partner.
Due to the more primal aspects of attraction being very trivial to most dragons, their relationships are based around love and mutual respect, rather than the hunter/gatherer aspects of other species. Though, since most draconic species have monthly estrus cycles, younger males and females can sometimes be partially overtaken by their hormones. Despite this, they do not pounce the nearest creature of the opposite sex as an Earth animal would do. However, it does lead to awkward situations such as over-arousal which can lead to… “accidents” at times.
During mating, the aspects of testosterone and estrogen come into play in greater extremes. Depending on the amount in their bodies, they can lead to more aggressive behavior during such a thing in both males and females. Each usually produces an average amount, but there can be times when a dragon or dragoness can naturally produce up to 500% more. For example, I will admit that Radiata produced testosterone at 250% the rate normal dragonesses and estrogen at rate of 300%.

For a female, Estrogen dictates the frequency of her orgasms, her fertility during estrus cycles and the amount of reproductive oil in the lubrication she produces. Testosterone, on the other hand, dictates how powerful said orgasms, the frequency of her estrus cycles and the thickness of her fluids. Note that both of these are a key factor in the ease of reproduction and childbirth.

For a male, Estrogen dictates the fertility of the semen and the period of time before the next ejaculation can take place. Testosterone dictates the amount of semen produced, the strength of ejaculations and the amount of time before climax.

Oxytocin is actually plays a major role as well, as it increases every one of these factors and all draconic species have an incredibly vast tolerance for it. In truth, the more of it a pair of mates can naturally produce, the better. If we would compare their bodies to humans, it would take a dose needed to outright kill fifty full-grown adults to put their draconic biology in any sort of danger.

In Addition…

“I may continue to post articles around the traditions, mannerisms, biology etc. of Tatsu Sekai species to give people an idea of how my world works. This is only basically “part one” of draconic biology, and I may post more in-depth facts if I go into college courses that go into more detail.”

My Furry Bowling Meet

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For the record the bowling meet took place on July 30,2017 and the video is by
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