Furversion issue 03 Review and Download

I think it’s really interesting to look at these early furry fanzines and this is no exception as I often wonder what was the fandom like in the past…in this case 1987.

Except for notice of furry events, art and a story

Nymph by Venson Mink

Which frankly is far better than some of the furry sex comics I have been reading of late.

That there really isn’t much it this issue, it’s really more a curiosity than anything else.

You can view and Download here

BLFC Stats and Announcement

Some #BLFC17 stats:
5138 attendees, from all 50 US states & 26 foreign countries
~1050 fursuits in festival
Est. $40,000 raised 4 charity

and for next year as announced on Twitter

Contract is signed, it’s official: May 10-13, 2018!
New: a second go-kart track!
New: exclusive pool use 8p-12a Thu+Fri+Sat!