Review of War of the Third Demon Part 1 Parents of a Savior by Casey Thomas Lehman

Keep in mind this is my first book review ever. So here it goes, the story begins for me roughly 6 months or so ago when Casey Lehman asked me to review his book.

War of the Third Demon Part 1
Parents of a Savior

Frankly when I started to read this book I really didn’t know what to expect. In fact the 80 chapters took me by surprise in this 279 page book.

But despite what little problems I had when I took this on, what I discovered was really an amazing book. I wish I could write this review like others I seen going over various details of a story, like who lives and dies, what child is born to which parent. Which step children are forced into marriage as adults.

But I can’t because in all honesty it would spoil this amazing story of dragon society. Which tells of a complex society and relationships. It eerily copies human society, where in we see dragon version of friends, family and those we love, hate and ourselves. I have to give Casey Thomas Lehman my highest praise where I saw people I know and have known in this amazing society. All as she makes you feel apart of it, leaving you wanting to know more.

So what does this story cover? Everything, I have to give it too the author for keeping the story clean. But yet it doesn’t spoil the story. In fact what it doesn’t say, leaves to your own imagination of what events had taken place in between the various stories contained in this book. Which I think only makes it better in my opinion, as you will feel more apart of their world. Leaving the reader all the while wondering what will happen to these characters are time marches on…

In fact I am looking forward to the next book. Not to see if there is a war, but to see what changes will over time affect the lives of these dragons.
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Flayrah and I Commentary

You might of noticed my communication between Flayrah and I in my article In Response. But this post I hope will cut short any plans they might have in NAILING MY HIDE TO THE WALL once again. I believe this whole thing is a set up just so they can get another post at my expense. I would even be willing to go as far to bet my entire paycheck that this was planned and already a post is in the works of how unreasonable or whatever such words they plan on using just to get me yet again.

There is not a single one of you out there can blame me for taking a defensive stance after that crucifixion I recevied after I wouldn’t allow a Comment I thought was filled with hate, and was possibly spam. The people at Flayrah despite what they say, actually bend the truth. Really they care little for the facts, they just want something sensational to post even if it is at the little guy’s expense, who actually gone on record asking to post his side and it was shouted down. Notice they never talk about any good the fandom does, like this refugees at Vancoufur. Not a single mention period. Or getting my side of the story, they really could care less.

In fact they didn’t even cover the refugee story until I would say the very last one to do so.

Tell me what is wrong with someone after being crucified wanting their account deleted. Not deactivated but deleted.

You can see they are giving me a hard time about this. I have long suspected that sites that don’t allow someone to delete their account are artificially keeping the number of active members high. I first notice this when I was checking out the members at Atari Age and noticed at least half had not posted anything in 2 years or more.

If Flayrah is doing the same thing, I will not guess. But either way I will let the facts speak for themselves.

I also make a challenge to Flayrah. If you do nail my hide once again I like to see a donation of at least $50 or more made to Planned Parenthood. Unless you are against women’s health, or a Trump supporter. Either way they are the same.

Another challenge I’ll show you my receipt if you show me yours.

Interesting turn of events I got 2 comments from their webmaster with both of them saying the exact same thing. We are 100% right and you are 1000% wrong. That I figured before I even read them. But they did ask one question I will answer here.

Why am I treating them so badly?

The answer is…This is how I was treated on their site. Never given a chance to explain myself except on my own fucking blog. Then there is those 4 YouTube vids, blatantly biased. Shouted down, comments removed, in fact I can never forgive them for how I was treated.

I just want to remind everyone of my readers, watch out for another attack post. If you see one remind them of my Planned Parenthood challenge.

Meanwhile I got a question for them.

Why won’t you delete my account? In all of this I never saw a single reason why not.

To me this is a prime example of how they treat members who disagree with them. In fact I on purpose violated one of their rules when I posted my login info on a couple of sites. But yet they still won’t take my account down, despite this clear violation of the rules. Which state if this did happen my account would be deleted.

I leave that up to you readers to wonder why after a simple request Flayrah is still giving me hell.

Genus issue 40 Review and Download

Crash Bunny Vs. Frubinox The Invader by Mark Moore

Seriously one of the wildest comics I ever seen. First of all we have this superhero named Crash Bunny. It seems she is reminded by her roommate that they need groceries. Next thing we see is that the market is being invaded by aliens. Once Crash Bunny tries to figure out what is going on. It seems those aliens are sex straved and are willing to cancell the invasion for sex with Crash Bunny. Completely wild and pure fun.

Collars and Cuffs by Robin Lane, Dennis Clark & Joyceanna Brock

A Mindless adventure at work and the beach. I think I rather read a history book.

Don & Kat: Poofs ATTA Pool by Karri Aronen

Another truly great comic which tells of a trip to the pool where the male runs in to gays in the locker room. Everything is pure fun, on top of that it turns out he is drawing the whole thing. A must see.

The Pond Hot Pursuit by Richard Moore

Maybe you can figure this one out I can’t it is about this couple on a high speed run from the cops while having sex. Yep that is the plot, makes no sense to me either.

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