Vootie issue 10 Review and download

Vootie issue 10 is a real hard issue to describe other than it features art and comics by people you never heard of before and published in 1978. I guess the only good say about it, that it is run to look at the drawing and read what little comics there are in the issue. Nothing is serious, and all of what is included is pure fun

Vootie 10

Fighting The Flayrah Monster

If Flayrah thinks I am just going to roll on my back and give in to their bullying. They have a second thing coming this former real life bully victim who just has had enough. Them and their “Holier Than Thou” attitude, each time claiming they are taking the high grounds with ethics. When every so often they don’t even follow their own ethical guidelines. Not even close to following one I can find online, although it doesn’t happen all of the time. Every so often they react the level of the tabloid The National Enquirer, like they did with me. It really doesn’t bother me that they did an article on me. In fact what pisses me off in a recent comment they say I was allowed to give my side of the facts.

On my own blog, that’s where!!!

If you expect to see anything from me on Flayrah?!!! I don’t think they would ever allow me to submit anything again. Since I am now locked out of my old account, discovering this only after someone telling me how I could delete my Flayrah account.

They claim they are the largest Furry News Site around, Dogpatch being the 2nd. I openly challenge both to post there daily number of views…On their own sites. I for one would like to see if they are a big as they say they are. Given what I heard recently from other furs, I would bet their actual numbers are down quite a bit. I have come across at least 20 furs who no longer go to their site or Dogpatch Press. Given how hate seems to have taken over both sites.

I try and give a little balance even though my commentaries maybe slanted. But so they are commentaries, you expect them to be.

Well anyway nothing will change here. Besides if you have a legit question or comment I will answer or post it.