Quick Take: Promoting the Furry World

Today I start a new series of quick comments on what is going on in 1 paragraph or less.

Furry News sites or at least those attempting to be one like mine. You can not stick to the same old, same old. Why, because this furry world of ours is so vast and varied as the fandom itself. In fact the more I look, the more I see at least 99% goes uncovered, and that is an underestimate. Think about the what you see in social media then compare it to sites like mine, and or the 2 so called HARDCORE furry news sites. Hell, me and the Furry News Network on Twitter covers more. I try and show a variety of things here including mentioning YouTubers like Aberguine getting 10,000 subscribers. That is amazing, and should very much be appalled that is an an amazing feat. But really will you see this on Hardcore sites? No, because they have a script to follow and it’s written in stone on what they cover. That is why I am happy to be a guy running a 1 man blog free to post what I hope you will find interesting.

That is all I have to say, if I think of something else I will post it.


Recently I have been checking out the Comic scene since there seems to be many new ones out there. So I decided to give you my opinion of 2.

Okay so I am a fan of The Guardians of The Galaxy, and in this unique comic they show a ‘Guardians’ adventure from Groot’s point of view. Fans only

This one is really different especially if you grew up watching those old Hanna Barbera cartoons on TV. All I can say is great series, it’s interesting to see what they do with the characters and you really don’t have to be a fan to enjoy it.

Vootie issue 15.5 Review and Download

Like all issues of Vootie I have see 15.5 is no exception. They are filled with funny random comics that pokes fun at whatever was going on back then. So if you want a chuckle or a laugh check it out

Vootie issue 15.5 Here