Surf’s Up 2 Wave Mania Review

The other day I managed to snag a copy of Surf’s Up 2…real cheap. You know I actually wondered why before I saw this, and why were there hardly any reviews out there.

Unlike what Wikipedia says the film is more than just the gang from the first film (minus Big Z) teaming up with a group of insane surfers. To find this mystery spot, with a steady 50 foot wave and they have to outrace lightening on a surfboard.

The biggest difference between the 2 films that Cody Maverick acts more like a jerk in this one. So his career in surfing didn’t take off and really the excuse they gave is super lame.

When you think they really aren’t going to do the same old, same old. They do, and they tack on needless explanations at various points in the film that really slows it down.

Does this film has issues? HELL YEAH!!! Is it geared more towards kids? HELL YEAH!!! Especially when they say that Lani is more of a friend than a girlfriend or wife like they hinted in the original. Would a fan of the original like it? No.

My final score 5.6 out of 10

Genus issue 37 Review and Download

Guests of Honor by James Hardiman

James Hardiman really out did himself in this comic where in he brings his trio of female skunks to a fur con. In which they soon take over like offering sex for every 5th comic sold. Also a live example of furry anatomy. Simply GREAT.

Things I found While Yahooeying by Roz Ginson

Yet another great comic it’s nothing more than a guy on his PC finding weird shit online. You know like we all do, that warning message at the end is a real hoot.

Piggy’s Pleasure Place by T. Gimmer

Okay labor complaints from his strippers/whores that has to been seen to be believed

The Masked Marauder by Kjartan Arnorsson

Oversize dicks is what this one can be best described as and nothing more.

Shear Erotic by Dark Natasha

A sheep is sheared by a dog in this no text comic. It is about the sexist and most erotic comic I frankly have ever seen. I really had to take a cold shower after seeing this one.

You can both view and download Genus 37 Here

In Response

I got this strange comment today…

For the record why I did not allow it was because of the poster’s web address it said web dot ws I could not risk it being spam.

The message said

Why did you post your home address on Flayrah

My response..

I have not been on Flayrah in a month after what had been said about me. If anyone is posting false info or even private info stolen about me. The bosses behind Flayrah better have a lawyer on stand by…they will be sued.

Your going to love this folks…

The Message I got from them this morning was this…

It’s posted to your profile that only you can edit.

Keep in mind this is on top of the fact I told them 11 times to delete my account as I am NEVER going back to Flayrah. Perri Prinz & I both believe the site is run by haters.

Yet another day another comment

Once again I saw proof that Flayrah is run by idiots.

…and I quote

Why would you still have your personal info on that account if your going to delete it.

That is so stupid I can not answer it.


I just remembered something, before I changed all my login info so even I can’t get into that account. I did delete all my personal info and I did check and it was gone the very last time I checked. I say an admin restored all that info to my account just so they can harass me now.

Send me another harassing statement and you will be blocked web dot ws