Genus 34 Review and Download

A Dungeon For Two by Kurt Walken

Is a rather interesting story of how this woman goes sees a man about going to the pub and play D&D. But as it turns out he is a programmers and working on a similar game for the PC, using a random dungeon creation program. Soon they are talking about what features they like to see. He as a joke reveals a health potion is actually pudding and the character gets covered in it. This playfulness goes on for a while until it turns sexual and that is when the real action starts. Later on when another player from the group shows up at his door, they meet and he remarks on how that guy is more focused on games than having sex. Excellent piece

Tit for Tat by Kjartan Arnorsson

A rather lame piece on sex and giant penises

Three’s Company by James Hardiman

It can be described in 1 word, “Sex” and really that is all it is.

Case Dismissed by T. Grimmer

A woman testifies in court of a clear case of sexual harassment, then it turns out she is a hooker. Interesting pun.

You can both view and download Genus 34 here