Is Adjective Species at An End?

Rarely I talk about other furry sites, but what is happening at Adjective Species simply has to be said.

Adjective Species in my opinion is more an essay site on the furry condition, and every year they do this furry survey. The site has cover topics from various issues in the fandom all the way to announcements by those who serve the fandom. But since Jan 1, 2017 they have only posted 1 article and to me it reads like some notice you see somewhere and not the great writing you see elsewhere on the site.

Really what is going on there I have no idea. I have not seen anything, and directly contacting that site is tricky at best as it seems the only way to do it is DM them through Twitter but since the last post on Jan 6, 2017 there has not been a single post made, and I doubt if anyone is even checking for DMs.

I could only guess what has happened behind the scenes, but I think it’s BURN OUT. You see late last year was the site’s 5th anniversary, and if you read the post it almost sounds like, “Nothing has changed in 5 F’in years?!!!”. When you start out something you expect it to grow. Not reach a point and stop, which is entirely true. I would be willing to swear to that in writing. You hear how blogs can make money, but the reality of it only less than 1% ever see a dime and you’re more than likely to get that via Patreon than through any ads that might appear on your site. Oh sure I have some complaints like contact info actually being there, but really it’s sad to see it go like this it is such a great site.

Genus issue 32 Review and Download

Amy and The Magic Paddle Factory by Sutton, Rosales, Howell & Naylor

Tells a bedtime story about how this woman would not eat her vegetables and would spend all of her time buying pricy candles. A single wrong answer soon finds her in the magic paddle factory that makes all the world’s paddles. After being bound from head to toe, and soon begging for food. Strangely enough the only food given to her was a carrot. Speaking of which she is soon discovered by a prince who grows magic vegetables. Eventually she makes her escape but found the prince was not the marrying kind. Fun but I don’t understand it at all.

Party Crashers by James Hardiman

James’s trio of female stunks crash the same pre Halloween party he was planning on attending and there after meeting a anthro reptile female they then put on stripper / sex show for the party guests. A bit of totally insane fun.

How Don Met Kat by Karri Anonen

Here we see Don and Kat a couple where one think of screwing while the other thinks of something else. Finally after they think sex would be a great idea. We see on the very last panel the whole thing has been a comic and the artist is getting advice from his friends. Truly quite fun

Collars and Cuffs by Robin Lane, Dennis Clark & Joyceanna Brock

The plot is meaningless as it makes barely any sense lets just call it what it is a set up for some hardcore sex between Sheriff’s deputies.

You can find Genus 32 here