Furry Writer Guild the Complete Truth

I think it’s finally time to tell everyone the true story of what happened between me and the Furry Writers Guild.

I was originally told about that site and Flayrah by one of it’s members. In fact when I registered for the site, there was a bit of a wait before I was allowed on. But really it was less than 40 mins.

I know what some have said about the membership rules, that you had to have publish a certain number of books or articles. Really I have no idea why I was approved. All I remember is talking to the forum’s boss shortly after who really seemed like a nice guy. He was eager for me to report on my blog of my experiences at the FWG, so they get new members. I told him of my own goals to eventually get one of my stories published, but to find guidance to help make my blog even better, and he wished me the best.

Overall the Furry Writers Guild Forum is not a bad forum, in fact I got some really good advice. Also leads to stories I eventually posted.

But being always curious, I decided to check out there chatroom. It seems the only ones that would even speak to me was the other newbies, those who had been there for a while simply ignored me. Then I made that fateful post on Rainfurrest 2015. That was when things started to go bad for me, I was insulted, my post ridiculed, I was even told it was even wrong to ask anything about the fur con that killed the fandom in the NW. Mind you this was on the actual thread. A couple even said I should be punished for asking such a question, while I was in the chatroom.

From then on it got worse, no one would even had anything to do with me. My posts ignored, and while in chat being totally ignored. Finally after a couple of weeks of this. Another member told me of the cliches, also called discussion groups. Unless you were apart of one, no one would have anything to do with you. I did not assume that, I was actually told that…directly. It was repeated the 2 other times I tried to use their chat…and I did try to join one. Oh boy, did the shit hit the fan afterwards. There was a few who ripped up my blog, tearing at what they saw was a constant series of repeating the same mistakes repeated over and over again.

I been online for roughly 10 years, I have shared possibly 1000s of links. But with some members, it isn’t allowed. I found out they could kick you out if you shared a link of a fellow member…without asking 1st.

I think that is crazy too.

I could go on about how some of the members took delight in making me the target of their hate. But I am taking the high road when it comes to this post.

In short I have no idea if this was an isolated case or the norm with some of their members, all I know is I am never going back to their site ever again.