The Reality of Ethics on Furry News Sites

Literally to find anyone with a blog that doesn’t violate any rules of ethics you can think of is just as rare as finding $100 bill on the sidewalk. This is perfectly understandable, since we pay for and maintain our own sites, we don’t want anyone telling us what we can and can not post. And frankly anyone who thinks they can shame someone into doing this is really out of their minds. I swear the 2 sites I see mention of an non existent code of furry ethics are the 2 biggest violators of them, namely Furry Writers Guild and Flayrah. Literally a week doesn’t go by that they don’t break their own rules. If you ask what proof I have I invite you to check out both sites and compare the post to this list of ethics I will go on record and fully admit I have violated 1 or possibly 2. But I am a blogger and we have the right to say what is on our minds. This also extends to the comments, why not my site my rules. How would you like someone to tell you exactly what to say, do or even think. Once when I was on the FWG site someone sent me a supposed guideline and one of the rules that all my posts had to be preapproved. Shades of a dictatorship…

Free Speech is still allowed in this country and I will continue to say what is on my mind, even though I will admit sometimes my view is slanted.

But that is my opinion.

Genus 22 Review and Download

The Right Size by Dutch

One joke and it’s a bad one tells of a woman out to buy a bra but her tits are way too big. Finally after blowing out the larget size bra the store has they give her 2 Star Trek badges.

Savage Squirrels Dating Tips by Karno

The dos and don’ts of dating, very funny

Squeaky Clean by Walko and Barrett

A woman wants to shower with her boyfriend, the boyfriend wants to shower with someone else. But instead this woman showers with another, and yes it’s as dumb as it sounds.

Mink: Toy Boy by Kjartan Arnorsson

Mink discovers as she is trying to rescue what she thinks is a sex slave, only turns out to be a sex toy who is very well aware of her situation. As the guy who then is tossed from his baloncy, pleads for his life, and once he is safe. Try to pretend this never happened and returns to bed as Mink and the toy make their escape. Interesting tale, I thought rather good.

Behind the Squeals by Jay Naylor

An artist creates a naked woman who comes to life, when she finally figures what is going on. She is sent to the artist room with anatomically correct bunnies. One of the worse Jay Naylor pieces I ever seen.

You can both view and download Genus 22 here

Monster in The Closet with Issues