Grrrwolf will be at Furlandia

Grrrwolf is a great guy, I know I met him in person at last years MFF. He is also one terrific artist, and one I would say all of those who need commission’s done should think about hiring.

Genus issue 35 Review and Download

Pencil Test by Dutch and Hatch

2 women challenge each other of what can they break with their tits. After a guitar is broken the owner and boyfriend of one of them sees this and frankly doesn’t care.

Piggy’s Pleasure Palace by T. Grimmer

This one makes no sense to me, first you have an older woman looking for the Latex Lounge and all we see is a woman hardly wearing a thing acting as a maid. WTF?!!!

The Ups & Downs…part 3 by James Hardiman

A continuation of the previous 2 where in the male has sex or at least tries to with different woman of different species. Like the 1st 2, not everything goes as planned. In the end he is use as a dragon’s dildo and he has had it. I really like this one.

Beaver Shot by Dennis Clark

This woman takes off her close to show her lover her excess pubic hair and he comes by later in the last panel with a weed wacker. Fairly lame

Initiation by Kjartan Arnorsson

This woman heads to the King Size a club where the males have HUGE cocks and are not afriad to use them. Yep that’s it, average at best.

You can view and download Genus 35 here