Taking The High Ground

I fully admit acting like a kid with all the troubles recently. But at least I have an excuse I am recovering from a concussion, unlike the other parties involved. It took Perri Prinz latest article before I even saw it myself. I want to openly apologize to my readers for my behaviour, and give a chance to explain certain factors. Also my reasons behind them, like how do I choose to which comments to actually post. I admit I don’t take criticism all that well. But not treating someone with respect is an even bigger issue with me. I don’t like being belittled or sworn at. In fact no one does, and someone constantly obsessing on something I said say on Facebook, Twitter or even YouTube has no place here…in other words Trolling is not allowed. I was also bullied as a child, and let me tell you that does effect you as an adult. Per the reason I will never return to certain sites. I am also a strong believer in the truth, as some of you might find that hard to believe. Unlike others I will admit my mistakes, and then move on. In fact this year alone I have corrected too many issues to mention here. But the truth is the truth, if someone is having legal issues they should say they are and move on. Not just hide it than play a game of denial afterwards.

The Fatal Flaw Of Furry Fandom by Perri Prinz

I have been debating with myself whether I wanted to write something about the censorship drama going on between three major Furry news outlets, or the drama I have recently been inundated by on Second Life. But the more I think about it, the more I do not dare write critically about drama for fear of offending someone involved.

Of course, everyone involved in these dramas is of adult age. Some are even older than me. And you’d think people of significant age could handle a little offense gracefully. But that is not the case. In fact, the very reason these dramas are happening at all is because none of the participants seem to have the maturity of a 10 year old.

But then, seriously, what can you expect from people who dress up as living plush animals just to run off at the face about their pet peeves on YouTube? And while doing so go so far as to say, “Such and such fur offended me because of some accessory he had on his fursuit. I therefore insist that not only must said fur get rid of his accessory, but he must kill his fursona and change his name while he’s at it. And if he doesn’t do this immediately, I will buy him a one way ticket to Auschwitz.”

And this same fur is so immature that, when he gets banned from one site on a charge of hate speech, he goes over to another site and writes a whole article about how the site that banned him is guilty of censorship. But, at the end of the day, all three of the news sites involved have some form of censorship in place, and all defend their right to their particular brand of censorship to the death. So not one of them has an inch of moral high ground to look down on the others.

Then we have another fur who likes to troll, and while doing so frequently catches his own personal information in the screenshots he posts, and then cries “Boo-hoo you bullies doxed me” when somebody makes use of that information.

Yet another fur has decided that Babyfurs are an abomination upon the Earth and must be scourged by his initiating a drama blitz at the hotel housing Califur, just like the one that killed RMFC, to the effect that they are housing a pedo con. Indeed, now that the “disenfranchised furs” contingent of the fandom has seen how easy it is to kill a con with tweets, we can expect them to be tweeting their fingers off at every hotel that houses any con.

Meanwhile, in Second Life, I kind of live on the border between two sims that are part of the Sunweavers conglomerate. And there are a couple of furs that the higher ups in one of those sims have decided they don’t like, and will inflict drama on them at the drop of a hat – if some of their reasons even amount to that. But these same people are prominent land owners in the other sim, and are reasonably well liked.

So, you’d think that these significantly aged furs who do not get along would have the sense to just stay on their respective sims and not put themselves in situations where somebody might drop a hat, or otherwise create oceans of drama by doing practically nothing but just being there. But, noooo. Every time I take a week off from SL I’m hit with the drama from all sides the instant I log in. And, I swear, it sounds for all the world like, “Mommy he’s touching me,” followed by “Tell her to stop touching me.” And back and forth ad nauseum.

And all this without adding to the mix the new contingent of Communists we have in the fandom who insist that everyone who doesn’t agree with them is a Nazi.

Are you starting to see the undeniable abundance of immaturity here? I swear I think Furry Fandom is some kind of unruly pre-school sometimes, where people of even slightly differing opinions couldn’t get along to save their lives.

Meanwhile, I don’t even bother watching cartoons and other forms of anthropomorphic entertainment anymore, because after 15 years of this, it’s pretty much sunk in that The Furry Community is all about the drama, and it’s no asset at all to people who just want to enjoy Furry entertainment. So much so that people just naturally start forgetting what drew them into this mess in the first place.

Well, I started to throw up my hands and ask the wind, “Why is this fandom so hopelessly immature?” And the wind just blew the question back in my face, as if to say, “What do you expect from a society of people who never grew out of watching cartoons?”

I want to personally thank Perri Prinz for allowing me to repost articles from her own blog which can be found here

Also allowing me to move on

Genus issue 33 Review and Download

The Mink: Gather The Children by Kjartan Arnorsson

It begins when The Mink is flying a child sex slave to safety like she is a hang glider. Eventually she rents a car and the driver only knows how to drive it like a tank. Eventually her and a former slave visit this other former slave that her friend has been protecting but the former slave is a really a stoner and appears to be high on something. In the end they decide they which includes her friend who has huge tits. Naturally that former slave wants to play with them as The Mink drives them away in her car.

When You’re Not In the Mood by James Hardiman

It begin when one of the trio of skunk females that James keeps gets a crowbar in the mail. Along with a complaint that everyone thinks all they do all day long is to have sex. They then come up with reasons they don’t even though ames does not believe them. Eventually a 4th female skunk arrives who describes an encounter with a male she had been sleeping with, when she didn’t feel in the mood. Only to scare him off later one when she rips into a loaf of bread with her fangs. Later it is revealed that this 4th female is a lesbian and the other female skunk who started this goes off to have sex.

The Art Lesson by Joe Rosales

An artist has seemly lost inspiration until his girl friend gives him some body paint and takes her clothes off so she could be painted up like a zebra. After which they have sex and later on the painter shows his latest work off to possibly a client who remarks his works seems to have improved.

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Seriously Me After My Last Birthday Party

by Strandwolf

Double Standards at Flayrah

What happened to me on Flayrah is a clear example of a double standard. Here they have rules on No Personal Attacks, reinforced to me by one of their mods Equivamp, who made that point after I first posted about the troubles at Dogpatch Press. He also made a point that spreading false information could get me suspended. But yet that post remains…Double Standard alright.