Taking The High Ground

I fully admit acting like a kid with all the troubles recently. But at least I have an excuse I am recovering from a concussion, unlike the other parties involved. It took Perri Prinz latest article before I even saw it myself. I want to openly apologize to my readers for my behaviour, and give a chance to explain certain factors. Also my reasons behind them, like how do I choose to which comments to actually post. I admit I don’t take criticism all that well. But not treating someone with respect is an even bigger issue with me. I don’t like being belittled or sworn at. In fact no one does, and someone constantly obsessing on something I said say on Facebook, Twitter or even YouTube has no place here…in other words Trolling is not allowed. I was also bullied as a child, and let me tell you that does effect you as an adult. Per the reason I will never return to certain sites. I am also a strong believer in the truth, as some of you might find that hard to believe. Unlike others I will admit my mistakes, and then move on. In fact this year alone I have corrected too many issues to mention here. But the truth is the truth, if someone is having legal issues they should say they are and move on. Not just hide it than play a game of denial afterwards.