Rabbit Valley Press Release of May 1, 2017

Cleaning out the warehouse… Rabbit Valley
Published May 1, 2017 | By whitefox
Fox has been cleaning out the warehouse to make room for this summers titles. We have a lot of fun to read titles from almost a decade ago. Here are a few of the highlights:

Comics Books – All Readers:

Havoc Including
Star Quack Issue 1
Astrider Hugo
Rhudiprrt Prince of Fur #10
Mice Templar
Korgi Volume 1 Paperback
Highway 13
Gremlin Trouble
Gon the Dinosaur
Tales of the Fehnnik
Animal Mystic Klor
Wild Life and Wildlifers
The Lab
SFA’s Atomic Mouse
Saiko and Lavender
Sabrina Online
Ride the Magic Carpet
Max Hamm: Fairy Tale Detective

Upcoming Travel:

Surfer’s Paradise, QLD, Australia

May 2017
Jaffa Books
Pomona, CA

May 19-21, 2017
Rabbit Valley Comics

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Books Published By Rabbit Valley® Comics:

Spooo Presents Series of Adult Comics
Associated Student Bodies by Lance Rund and Chris McKinley
Circles by Andrew French, Steve Domanski, and Scott Fabianek
Coyote River by Chris McKinley
Dark Zel and Tredain
Dragon’s Hoard Comics
Fast Boyz Delivery Service by Werepuppy
Jeremy Bernal Comics
Novels by Alflor Aalto, Wolf, and others
Ookami Kemono Books
Rocketship Rodents by Werepuppy and Trejaan
Tales of Tobius by Agent Elrond
Weady Set Go! by Furnut
Webz Magazine by Kaputt (Updated)
Winding Silhouettes by A Blue Deer and Shana
Zoorama Comics
Knot University / Knot Shy by Sunati
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Anthropomorphic Dreams novels and books
Associated Student Bodies
Bernard Doove’s Chakat Titles
Bad Dog Books
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DJ Ear’s Album
Dreamfield Comics magazines and comics
Fur planet Comics, Novels and Novellas (Updated)
Graveyard Greg’s Comics, Novels, and Novellas
Jarlidium Press Comics and Fanzines
J Michael Gallen Novels
Jim Galford Novels
JR’s Music
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Genus issue 29 Review and Download

In this utter delightful comic features both a male fox and female bat who meet in the woods. They hit it off well enough to have sex. Here they are knotted together when a hunter shows up and take aim on them. Chaos soon beings with them trying to feel for their lives and them still knotted. Eventually they make there escape, with the fox enjoying the fruits of their labor…namely the cherries.

Public Display by James Hardiman

A rather interesting tale where in James Hardiman takes his trio of female shunks to a department store. Where one has fun showing off before a in store camera. Before Mr. Hardiman takes her by the ear.

Mink: Daddio by Kjartan Arnorsson

Finally we learn of Mink’s Dark Origin, that she is a product of genetic engineering by a mad scientist. After running into a male produced by the same scientist whom she meets and battles. It seemly ends in a draw as we learn of more slaves. Really quite good.

To both view and download Genus 29 click here