Genus issue 29 Review and Download

In this utter delightful comic features both a male fox and female bat who meet in the woods. They hit it off well enough to have sex. Here they are knotted together when a hunter shows up and take aim on them. Chaos soon beings with them trying to feel for their lives and them still knotted. Eventually they make there escape, with the fox enjoying the fruits of their labor…namely the cherries.

Public Display by James Hardiman

A rather interesting tale where in James Hardiman takes his trio of female shunks to a department store. Where one has fun showing off before a in store camera. Before Mr. Hardiman takes her by the ear.

Mink: Daddio by Kjartan Arnorsson

Finally we learn of Mink’s Dark Origin, that she is a product of genetic engineering by a mad scientist. After running into a male produced by the same scientist whom she meets and battles. It seemly ends in a draw as we learn of more slaves. Really quite good.

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