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Genus Male 1 Review and Download

My Hustler by Darin McGrain

I found a rather hard piece to follow about a group of friends wondering about hookers. To one of their number eventually admitting they are a gigalo. Then gay sex starts soon after. Only to then the next day when the gigalo mentions as he lays there on the sofa that it would be nice to see someone do some cleaning in the nude.

A Bet’s a Bet by Richard Moore

I call this what this is a group of football players make a bet with one another and because one lost. It’s gay sex time!!! It’s an okay piece at best.

The Stand-Ins by Mui & Darin McGrain

A gay sex scene in a film these stand ins which are suppose to be apart of, leads to nervous chatter. But when it’s time they do it for real. Okay

P.B. and Jay by Darin McGrain

Meaningless chatter leads to gay sex, no imagination what so ever.

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As You Get Older

‘There was a time when I could hibernate all winter without going to the bathroom!’