Genus issue 33 Review and Download

The Mink: Gather The Children by Kjartan Arnorsson

It begins when The Mink is flying a child sex slave to safety like she is a hang glider. Eventually she rents a car and the driver only knows how to drive it like a tank. Eventually her and a former slave visit this other former slave that her friend has been protecting but the former slave is a really a stoner and appears to be high on something. In the end they decide they which includes her friend who has huge tits. Naturally that former slave wants to play with them as The Mink drives them away in her car.

When You’re Not In the Mood by James Hardiman

It begin when one of the trio of skunk females that James keeps gets a crowbar in the mail. Along with a complaint that everyone thinks all they do all day long is to have sex. They then come up with reasons they don’t even though ames does not believe them. Eventually a 4th female skunk arrives who describes an encounter with a male she had been sleeping with, when she didn’t feel in the mood. Only to scare him off later one when she rips into a loaf of bread with her fangs. Later it is revealed that this 4th female is a lesbian and the other female skunk who started this goes off to have sex.

The Art Lesson by Joe Rosales

An artist has seemly lost inspiration until his girl friend gives him some body paint and takes her clothes off so she could be painted up like a zebra. After which they have sex and later on the painter shows his latest work off to possibly a client who remarks his works seems to have improved.

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