Genus 36 Review and Download

Moving Violations by Paul Kidd & Mitch Beito

A very enjoyable comic about these 2 women racing down the street at 300+ MPH on their hoverbikes. Next in this wildly funny funny comic the brave police officer makes a vow to capture them. After one of the wildest chase scenes I have ever seen, the officer wipes out, and the women make their escape. We do see them later naked ready for lesbian love.

And Now a Word From Our Sponsors by Mike Higgs & Jay Naylor

We see an ad for Vita Boob, where this woman is examining all of it’s benefits. Then a guy (a fox centaur hybrid) comes up and takes some and after he finds out it’s perminant the fun begins. This comic is very fun, especially next we see what is happening at Vita Boob HQ

Bird in The Hand by Bill Fitts

A comic about masterbation. One joke and not a good one.

Raw Sex by Kjartan Arnorsson

I found it very similar to another comic that artist did previously on oversize sexual organs and sex. One joke and not a good one.

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