Stupidity at Dogpatch Press

I have been running this blog Furry Times for around 10 years. I have learned since I started, that you have to post what you feel is right and deal with the C&Ds as they come. I also learned you both have to have a really thick skin to deal with your haters…and you will get them. But also be smart enough to give everyone a place where they can tell the world to fuck off. And without mentioning any names of course, of who NOT to do an article on. Yes I said not, because there are people who do things just so they can get people to talk about them. Yesterday I saw this Fb post on how Dogpatch Press did this article on Magnus Diridian. LOL!!! The reason I am laughing is because I have spoken to Magnus Diridian and they had once actually been a Fb friend. Until he suddenly blew up at me for no reason, and I had no choice but to block them. Believe me once Magnus Diridian finds about the article. He going to be the editors best friend and worse nightmare all at the same time. You see Magnus Diridian to me is one of those people who just want their name out there and frankly don’t care how they have to do this. I realize this as I was setting up the statement I eventually posted. So I wish the editor of Dogpatch Press good luck, and your going to need it.

A little word of warning…he isn’t the only one you got to be careful about.

5000 Fans of Dr. T issue 00

It’s sad when you can say this one fanzine has a lot of random art and that’s it

Link to the fanzine