Furry for beginners

This will be the first of many posts covering the furry fandom, in an effort to explain things to the newbie that can seem overwhelming in their complexity. I hope with this to break it all down—from the furry forums and message boards where many furries gather (RPs or “Role Playing,” an activity many furries enjoy) to even the more controversial interests and fetishes (such as the costumes or “fursuits” some people wear and the daunting mystery that surrounds furry conventions and meets. I hope to give an honest look at the rumors, myth, and truth that surround them, both good and bad.

First of all, I want to give a heartfelt welcome to those who came to this blog and also welcome you to the world of Furry. There is nothing wrong with being a ‘furry.’ From my own personal experience, most people outside of the furry fandom think it is either a fetish, or have no idea what being a furry really is.

Anyone can be a furry, in a number of ways—that is why it is called a fandom as there is no hardcore set of rules here. Whatever you think defines “furry” is completely right. It does not mean you have to wear a costume or own a set of fake animal ears or a tail.

There are a lot of Words or terms you should know, as they come up from time to time on the forums, and if you are like me sometimes you just have to plan look them up, rather than sound dumb in their replies like asking what are they talking about. The best place it seems is the Furry version of Wikipedia, which can be found both at the address below and in the Blog Roll section of this blog.

I have made my own list of the more common ones below

Cub is without a doubt the most controversial aspect of furry fandom as it features kids in one animal form or another. Some people connect it with child porn, which it isn’t legally not to say morally.

Furs means people who are apart of the furry fandom often used instead of the word ‘people’

fursona means Your furry personality which is mainly used based upon one animal form or another it is also apart of role playing and even some forums where you have to state your fursona

Plushies or plushophiles are frequently collectors of plush toys of all shapes and sizes, and there role playing are based upon plush animals

RP a shorten version of the words Role Playing

Then there will be times that other will ask you ‘What type of Furry you are’ Likely for you one was created by FurFapManiac it was originally posted on the YI boards and used here with permission.

The Furvert These are the people who are simply, 100% in it for the porn. Some are obsessed, some are looking for something different, but all are looking for Hot pics of Furry action. Some even get so obsessed they start distributing more Furry pics… which can lead to the next type of Furry.

The Furvert Convert These are the people who got into it for the awesome sexy porn, then started to realize that Furries are… just plain awesome. People who get to the stage ethier stop thinking about furry completely, or devote all their time to it and actually become enthralled by Furry culture. I guess i fit into this category. Furries rock! :mrgreen:

The Poke-e-Furry If you have ever been in a chat and met people talking about their level 53 Pikachu rather then anything relevant, then they may be a Poke-e-Furry. The Phenomenon known as Pokemon has probably recruited furries quicker then any other franchise. And its not hard to see why, the fun of training your own sentient animal superwarriors perfectly fits into the Furry scene. These people probably are the reason a good chunk of both artistic and adult furry art is made. We salute them in the fear that they will use their highly trained animal slaves and grind us into the earth. 😯

The Artistic Furry Ever wondered what kind of person could create that awesome Furry art or that awesome Furry story? Its none other then the work of the artistic furry, striving to use his or her gift of artistic expression to create something simply wonderful. Lots of these works take ethier a very long time or practically years to fully perfect. We pray that these people continue to use their skill to keep us enthralled and entertained and give us nice desktop backgrounds and posters, to keep Furries happy for years to come.

The Fur-better-than-you Have you ever met that guy that seems to put everyone down and try to maintain an air of superiority? Ever tired to warm up to such a person only to be coldly refused? Then you have met a Fur-better-than-you. Or perhaps you have got in his way? Its hard to tell with these people. ❓ Or maybe they are just too busy to have a conversation with you? Then why did they come to a forum or a chat room? Such questions are better off not pondering.

The Fuzzy Heard of these people? They are the people who say they are furries, but once you actually meet them and talk to them it becomes obvious that they aren’t here for the same reasons you are. Furries like cartoon animals. Fuzzies like… Animals. Perhaps even too much. Sometimes its pretty obvious that these people have misunderstood what furries are all about, and taken that to the next disturbing level. Caution is advised if you suspect you may be talking to such people.

The Fur-not These are the people that are CLEARLY not furries, but choose to hang out with them for odd reasons. It may be they are just ‘checking out’ what furries are all about or they may just be very very lonely. However sometimes if these people start to warm up to you, its possible that they could become interested in Furry. But emotional investment is definitely not advised. But don’t treat them any different Furries have a bad enough reputation as it is!

The Hardcore Furry Maybe you know this person. This person owns a fursuit. And Posters. And goes to Fur-cons all the time, and has many many obscure dvd’s you’ve never heard of. This person has more furry in them then you have in your entire body. Think of it this way, you may like furry stuff and use the internet to talk to others, and perhaps even have posters. The Hardcore furry Loves furry and makes a point of revolving his life around it. He goes to dozens of furry sites, and has more furry themed things then you could imagine. Every culture has its obsessive fans, and then the Hardcore fans. Only you can draw the line.

The Classic Furry These are the furries of the previous generation. Many have been through the obsessions we have even before the internet practically revolutionist how Fandoms are made. Many of these Humble souls who just liked drawing cartoon dogs mouses and foxes, and enjoyed any Movies or TV shows that revolve around them. (There were practically thousands of them back then) They were there before we even had what we have today. If you see any, a humble respect is a given. We must do these people proud by projecting Furries in a positive light. Its a long road, but we must make that dedication! FOR GLORY!

The Fur-troll Every Fad and Fandom has its internet trolls, and sadly some see Furries as an easy target. Some are actually funny, but most are just stupid, ethier way the method of dealing with them is the same. Ignore them. Get angry, but don’t give them a reason to do what they do. Just laugh at how they waste their time. Then Block them.

The Tame Furry Some people are here just for the nice art, and you have to respect such a person with the abundance of adult oriented art that’s out there… You actually might not see much of this person, but you can be assured that they affect how your image is rated. They may not leave a comment, but they wont leave until they have some nice pictures. Good on them!

The Art-Fail Furry Some furries take it upon themselves to try to do some nice furry pictures. But due to either to the lack of skill on their part, or what they choose to draw, or maybe that they chose to draw it in paint, the picture is simply ethier laughable or sad. But remember you have to learn 1000 ways not to draw something before you can draw it. Unfortunately, you will have to see some of those 1000. or read some. Shit. It happens.

The Fur-philes People who are into Cub. Enough said.

The Fur-lurker The only thing known about this fur, is that not alot is known about him/her. Where is this guy? Who is he? Will he come and have a chat? All that is known is not much. Approach with caution, if you do decide he might want to talk.

The Fur-kiddie This is the person who uses short sentences, some only consisting of a smiley. Or sometimes only one word. Sometimes you can tell this person isn’t that old, and sometimes its just implied when the wont answer the question about their age. Depending on the context, these sort of people are either going to be annoying or are going to go places they aren’t meant to tread. Do what you think is best, which is usually ignoring them or pointing out why they shouldn’t be here. I mean, if to make one person unhappy is to make everyone else feel comfortable what would you do? That’s what i thought

Like one late night talk show once said, You might think that list covers everything….

I have 2 of my own to add to this list

The Secret Fur is one that is only a furry while online, they are members of some furry boards, they can be a fan of furry art, but no one outside of those online sites they visit even know they are furry.

The Closet Fur is one that only comes out for conventions or some other event and usually only in costume so they can truly hide who they actually are.