25 Hilariously Bad Design Choices That Defy Explanation

offbeat.topix.com recently posted this hilarious article on mistakes designers make.

Here is just 1 example

Really each one is funnier than the one before it. Well worth checking out

Touch 2 Review and Download

Sorry it’s a while just trying to deal with the loss of 2 friends


The Peppermint Demon by Watts Martin
Cat and Bird by Frank Gembeck
Homeward Bound by Ann Franchi
Relia by Jefferson Swycaffer

There really isn’t much to say except all I can say about the stories that they were okay at best there isn’t a single one that stood out.

Really except for a few pieces of furry art there isn’t much to say about this fanzine which came out in 1992

Click here to both view and download Touch issue 2