CGI Animated Short Film “Attack of the Mothman Short Film” by Meg Viola,Catrina Miccicke,Khalil Yan

Ablaze issue 02 – View and Download

This issue is kinda unique it has 2 front covers, and 2 totally different main stories. The entire issue is SFW.

1st up is “Dream of Space”; closely followed by Space: The Final Frontier

As one is just the set up for the second story I’ll cover that first.

It’s basically a furry paradoy of Star Trek then throw in a game of Space Invaders and you got it. Next they get around to classic horror, werewolves, vampires etc. Then we discover it was just a dream, ideas for an upcoming masquerade party. Then a confusing moment where apparently the artist stepps in and is threatend at gun point. Okay a best.

The Syndi Cats & Co. in: “The Jammed Jar”
Yes an entire 2 page comic where the characters try and open a jar of olives. As you might of guessed totally lame.

Olsen & The Syndicats in: “Encounter of the 2nd Time”

Olsen and Jenny were feeling bored so they jump into a pipe to travel to a future time and wind up landing on someone who was about to set a record for blowing smoke rings.

Then all 4 of them (including the camera person) just missed getting captured by the FBI and make their way to a restaurant. They then steal that vechicle the FBI agents were driving as the FBI soon follows as this was a set up by them.

In the last page they literally explain how they made their escape and of how Jenny and Olsen made their way home. In a single word, LAME

You can both view and download Ablaze issue 2 here